Reports and Surveys

The Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity publishes reports that are available to the campus community.

Annual Reports

The Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity has published an annual report each year since its formation in 2011.

Diversity and Inclusion Annual Reports

The UNC System requires constituent institutions to submit an Annual Report to their respective Board of Trustees on their “diversity and inclusion (D&I) operations and activities” (UNC Policy Manual Sections 300.8.5 and 300.8.5[R]).
The following data are requested:
  • Positions with at least 50% primary D&I (not compliance) responsibilities in your college/division;
  • Operational Budget expended on D&I activities in your college/division;
  • If applicable, a list of signature D&I programs/activities in your college/division (not an exhaustive list of all programs/activities) and the primary outcome for each, for the timeframe of May 1, 2022 – present/end of April 2023.

FY 2020 Report

FY 2021 Report

FY 2022 Report (to come)

Campus Climate Surveys

The Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity collaborates with the Office for Institutional Research and Planning to administer periodic campus climate surveys at NC State.

The most recent Campus Climate Survey occurred in September 2019.

Faculty Salary Equity Studies

The intent of NC State’s salary equity studies is to determine whether disparities in faculty salaries due to race or gender exist at NC State, to uncover any systemic disparities affecting groups of faculty and to address them.

Staff Well-Being Surveys