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Opportunities for Faculty and Staff

We provide training to create and maintain a campus community that is inclusive and welcoming for all.

NC State faculty and staff may register for OIED sponsored workshops in the REPORTER system.

Our courses are open to the NC State community at no cost. If you are not a member of the NC State community and would like to register, please contact

Training for Faculty and Staff

We invite faculty and staff to register for the following workshops:

The content provided in this module serves as a starting point for you to begin laying the foundations of your diversity, equity and inclusion learning. In this course, you will identify key concepts of culture and cultural awareness, apply the concepts of cultural identity for self-awareness and other awareness, explore how identities show up in interpersonal situations and consider ways for improving workplace interactions and climate.

Applied Skills in Equal Opportunity builds on the basics learned in the Fundamentals of Equal Opportunity workshop. This application-based session offers participants the chance to practice interpreting equal opportunity-related laws, identify prohibited conduct and enhance response strategies. The format of this course promotes discussion and questions. Case studies demonstrate concepts, but participants are welcome to develop examples they wish to see addressed.

Prerequisite: Fundamentals of Equal Opportunity

This training provides faculty and staff with a deeper dive into understanding the impacts trauma can have on students’ physical, emotional and psychological well-being. This workshop will cover concepts including the neurobiology of trauma, trauma responses and stages of recovery for survivors of IPV. Using these concepts, faculty and staff will explore what it means to create a “trauma-informed practice” and how to implement these strategies in their individual relationships with students, coworkers and in their departments. This workshop is offered through the NC State Women’s Center Pack Survivor Support Alliance (PSSA). For more information, visit

This course prepares individuals to make decisions and act more equitably in both their professional practice and pedagogy. Throughout this course, you may experience constructive discomfort that helps pave the way for meaningful, long-lasting change. This is a beneficial professional development opportunity that provides foundational knowledge and skills in advancing diversity, equity and inclusion. This program is an excellent enhancement to your personal and professional development.

This course provides participants with a fundamental understanding of equal opportunity and affirmative action laws and policies. The session outlines relevant laws, such as Title VII, Title IX and the ADA, including the groups protected by each, and touches on corresponding institutional policies. Participants learn how to identify discrimination, harassment and retaliation, see examples of how prohibited conduct may appear in a professional or academic environment and review relevant case law on these topics. This course also includes a brief explanation of how affirmative action works in both employment and academic contexts.

Interpersonal violence (IPV) is a public health crisis impacting college-age adults at alarming rates. This workshop offers faculty and staff an in-depth understanding of the prevalence and types of IPV that exist on a college campus, the range of impacts IPV may have on individual students and campus communities, as well as an overview of campus resources available to prevent and respond to instances of IPV. This workshop is offered through the NC State Women’s Center Pack Survivor Support Alliance (PSSA). For more information, visit

Preventing all forms of interpersonal violence (IPV) – including but not limited to sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, and stalking – on a college campus requires skills in power analysis and community building. This training analyzes IPV and how to prevent it through a political, community-based prevention lens. Participants will learn how to analyze power in a given situation, to develop tactics to prevent violence, and to build community power through one on one conversations.

This workshop is offered through the NC State Women’s Center Pack Survivor Support Alliance (PSSA). For more information, visit

The search committee training is a tool designed for NC State faculty, staff, and students, who are planning to participate in a search committee during the year. These individuals may be serving as members or as directors of the committees. All participating parties are encouraged to take either the online or in-person version of this training.

Faculty and staff on a college campus play an integral role in the healing and recovery of college-age student survivors of interpersonal violence (IPV). This workshop provides faculty and staff with an overview of some of the warning signs and trauma symptoms of IPV as well as the range of ways in which IPV can impact the student experience. Participants will practice how to best respond to student disclosures of IPV, successfully connect students to campus resources, and provide guidance on how to provide student survivors with ongoing support. This workshop is offered through the NC State Women’s Center Pack Survivor Support Alliance (PSSA). For more information, visit

Unconscious bias acts below awareness and can influence our decision-making. This course introduces the basics of unconscious, or implicit, bias and reviews of different types of unconscious bias. Participants engage in group activities and small group discussions while they learn how implicit bias influences their decisions at the university. Finally, participants learn scientifically sound strategies to combat bias in their own lives. The course is open to any and all participants — previous understanding is not required.

Discrimination and Harassment Prevention and Response Training

Discrimination and Harassment Prevention and Response Training is required for all NC State employees (including student employees), per NC State regulation, REG 04.25.06 – Equal Opportunity, Title IX and Non-Discrimination Training for Employees. This training is fulfilled upon an employee’s participation in New Employee Orientation.

Other Diversity Training on Campus

In addition to the workshops we offer, the following diversity programs are offered by other campus organizations.

Custom Training

If your unit, organization or class wants to learn more about DEI and equal opportunity issues, please first reach out to the relevant college or division diversity contact on campus (scroll down to “Diversity in the Colleges and Divisions”) before completing our form below.

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