GLBT Advocate

GLBT Advocate Program

Show your support on campus through the GLBT Advocate Program

The GLBT Advocate Program is a continuing education and engagement program for faculty and staff designed to provide participants with ongoing opportunities to learn and show their support as allies and advocates of the GLBT community. Through engagement in intersectional, social justice, anti-oppression conversations about issues facing the incredibly diverse GLBT community, participants gain a stronger understanding of how to support GLBT students and colleagues, beyond our Project SAFE Ally Training. Through the GLBT Advocate Program, participants will:

  • Identify and name examples of oppression at all levels as manifested in our classrooms, departments, and communities
  • Develop skills to address and interrupt oppression at all levels when encountered in our classrooms, departments, and communities
  • Discover and exercise skills to advocate for the creation and expansion of inclusive spaces
  • Identify the impact of one’s positionality (social identities; power and privilege) on the ability to disrupt problematic attitudes, behaviors, policies, or actions
  • Model a social justice-oriented community that offers peer support and coalition-building

Participation in the GLBT Advocate Program requires a one-year commitment that may be renewed each subsequent year. Register for this year’s Faculty and Staff GLBT Advocate Program.

Participants must complete the following each academic year:

  • Completion of (1) GLBT Advocate Program workshop
  • Attendance at (1) GLBT Center event

Workshop opportunities will be offered regularly throughout the year as well as NEW on-demand online course options. Click here to view available workshops this semester.

Events will also be offered regularly, such as GLBT History Month, Trans Day of Remembrance, and Lavender Graduation. We will also continue to offer the Lunch & Learn Series, designed to increase the skill sets of faculty and staff through dynamic community conversations, and the Advocate Roundtable, a discussion opportunity for faculty and staff to build community with other Advocate Program participants. This guided reflection will model a social justice-oriented community through practicing identifying instances of oppression, debriefing successful and unsuccessful strategies for interrupting those instances, recognizing opportunities for advocacy within the institution, and growing supportive connections with other faculty and staff. Attendance at the Lunch & Learn Series and Advocate Roundtable count as “event” credits necessary to complete the two requirements of the GLBT Advocate Program.

Click here to view this year’s GLBT Advocate List.