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Inclusive Excellence Certificate

OIED brings you an enhanced diversity, equity and inclusion certificate program.

IE Certificate logotypeThe Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity provides the Inclusive Excellence Certificate (IEC) program for faculty, staff and graduate students. In this thoughtful and empowering program, participants examine several aspects of diversity and inclusion and skills that will increase their effectiveness in creating workplaces and classrooms that exhibit inclusive excellence.

The IE Certificate focuses on providing the foundational components of diversity, equity and inclusion through four two-hour workshops. To earn the IE Certificate, participants must complete the program over one academic year.

To earn the IEC, participants must attend four workshops within the academic year.


Unconscious bias acts below awareness and can influence our decision-making. This course introduces the basics of unconscious, or implicit, bias and reviews different types of unconscious bias. Participants engage in group activities and small group discussion while they learn how implicit bias influences their decisions at the university. Finally, participants learn scientifically sound strategies to combat bias in their own lives. The course is open to any and all participants — previous understanding not required.

This course provides participants with a fundamental understanding of equal opportunity and affirmative action laws and policies. The session outlines relevant laws, such as Title VII, Title IX and the ADA, including the groups protected by each, and touches on corresponding institutional policies. Participants learn how to identify discrimination, harassment and retaliation, see examples of how prohibited conduct may appear in a professional or academic environment and review relevant case law on these topics. This course also includes a brief explanation of how affirmative action works in both employment and academic contexts.

Microaggressions are “brief, everyday exchanges that send denigrating messages to certain individuals because of their group membership” (Sue, 2011). This course provides participants with an understanding of the impact of microaggressions both on the individual and within the environment. Though often unintended and brief, microaggressions left unaddressed may cause harm, specifically to marginalized groups.

The content provided in this module serves as a starting point for you to begin laying the foundations of your diversity, equity, and inclusion learning. We hope you will continue to engage with these topics and reflect on your insights in order to make positive changes across our campus community. You can find additional resources at the end of the course.

OIED Approved ribbonThis outstanding professional development opportunity is offered FREE OF CHARGE to NC State University faculty, staff and graduate students.

This program is also “OIED Approved” to meet the DEI requirement for the EHRA and SHRA annual employee performance reviews.

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  • Please note that there are prerequisites to participate in this program (Inclusion in the Modern Workplace and Managing Bias in EverFi via REPORTER.)
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