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Accessibility Excursion

Join us as NC State celebrates its annual Accessibility Excursion virtually this year!

The Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity (OIED), Student Government, Office of Information Technology (OIT) Accessibility, Distance Education and Learning Technology Applications (DELTA), Disability Resource Office (DRO) and Office of the University Architect are proud to present the 2021 Accessibility Excursion. This year’s Accessibility Excursion is being held virtually due to the circumstances and will focus on the University’s virtual and digital resources. Listed below are several of the unique tools available to NC State faculty, staff, and students to be successful in the digital world.

Digital Accessibility Virtual Event

While the official digital excursion has ended, you can still participate in the digital excursion through the Articulate course page.

Exploring Digital Accessibility In a Virtual Environment


Panopto logo

Panopto will replace Mediasite as NC State’s enterprise content capture tool in May 2021.

The leading video platform for higher education, Panopto provides essential features such as two-way communication, recording integration, adaptive streaming and more. The tool adheres to university accessibility standards, including:

  • automatic transcriptions
  • video captioning
  • variable speed playback
  • screen reader support.
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Zoom is a web conferencing tool. The zoom platform offers a variety of accessibility features including:

  • Ability to add live closed captions
  • Produce an automated transcriptZoom Blue Logo
  • Keyboard Accessibility including specific Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Screen Reader support
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NC State uses Moodle as its primary learning management software (LMS). Moodle allows instructors to communicate with a class, deliver course content, facilitate collaboration and manage assignments, quizzes, grades, and more.moodle logo The Moodle LMS offers a variety of accessibility features including:

  • Screen reader accessibility
  • Keyboard accessible
  • Easy input of Alt text for images
  • Accessibility Checker & Accessibility helper for content authors in the text editor.
  • Accessible Math tools produced by the MathJax content filter have full accessibility enabled so they can be passed directly to the screen reader as math content.
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Accessibility Map


NC State community members now have access to a new and improved campus accessibility map that shows accessible routes throughout campus for persons with disabilities, including accessible parking and building entrances. Users can also use the online version by selecting the “Accessibility” option under the menu.


View the PDF Accessibility Map
View the NC State Campus Map

Physical Accessibility

Transition Plan

NC State must ensure its programs are available to all. NC State is required to develop a transition plan which includes a self-evaluation and facilities survey. NC State posts recently completely accessibility projects.

Learn more about the Transition Plan

Touch-Free Door Operators

Thanks to a financial contribution from Student Government, Talley Student Union is home to several new touch-free door operators. Located next to the Information Desk on the second floor, individuals approach a touch-free door and make a motion in front of the sensor to activate the door operator. Be sure to check them out!

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Lime Scooters


One issue that continues to plague NC State is the placement of Lime scooters on sidewalk. After an user is finished using a Lime scooter, please consider placing the Lime scooter on the grass or away from the sidewalk. Lime scooters take up a portion of the sidewalk or can block curbs ramps to streets and sidewalks.