UNC System Racial Equity Task Force

Three system-wide activities took place during fall semester of 2020.

Students walking in corridor

The University of North Carolina System launched a system-wide task force to “examine the legacy of race and racism in North Carolina’s public higher education system” and its impact on students, faculty, staff and communities.

The task force began meeting in July 2020 and conducted several information-gathering activities to report findings to the Board of Governors.

Focus areas included student recruitment, enrollment and outcomes; employee recruitment, retention and promotion; and supporting safe, diverse and inclusive campuses and communities.

A series of activities enabled the task force to gather suggestions and feedback, meet with constituent groups and prepare a report of recommendations and action steps in order of priority to present to the UNC System president on Dec. 16, 2020.

System-Wide Racial Equity Survey

From Sep. 14–30, the task force conducted a short survey on race, equity, and disparities that exist across the UNC System. Students, faculty and staff members of all UNC institutions were encouraged to complete the survey.

Virtual Town Halls

The UNC System Racial Equity Task Force invited students, faculty and staff to participate in Virtual Town Halls from Oct. 19–29.

The Task Force sought to learn about experiences, ideas and/or questions about race and equity at NC State and in the UNC System. The feedback informed recommendations for the Board of Governors and UNC System Office.

“Share Your Ideas” Feedback Form

Students, faculty and community members of all institutions were invited to submit feedback and suggestions via a feedback form. The task force reviewed and considered all information received via the form.

Goals of the Task Force

The task force initially defined its goals as follows:

  1. Equity in the student academic experience. We’ll examine how to close equity gaps in every stage of the student experience, from recruitment through graduation.
  2. Equity-minded faculty, staff, and administrators. We’ll take a deep dive into human resources practices in the recruitment, hiring and retention of employees system-wide.
  3. Safe and inclusive campuses and communities. Building a better world that’s equitable for all starts on our campuses. We’ll work with students, faculty and staff to foster and maintain safe and supportive campuses that promote diversity, inclusion and a sense of belonging.

(Taken from the UNC System Racial Equity Task Force website.)