Strategic Practice Certificate

The next step after the introductory Inclusive Excellence Certificate Program, the SP Certificate enhances and digs deeper into DEI topics.

The Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity invites faculty, staff, and graduate students who have completed the Inclusive Excellence Certificate to consider the IESP Strategic Practice Certificate Program (JEDI Track – justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion).

The SP Certificate (JEDI Track) will:

  • Help participants identify individual and/or organizational inclusive practices to incorporate into workplace environments
  • Encourage participants to advocate for policy shifts that reflect a more equitable and inclusive culture
  • Allow participants to develop strategic relationships in order to foster impactful and meaningful changes within campus environments.

In this program, participants will expand upon the knowledge and skills gained through the Inclusive Excellence Certificate and not only dig deeper into DEI issues, but also work toward more active application of the skills they have gained.


The SP Certificate requires completion of the following four courses within the academic year:

We’ve deliberately taken the vital steps to diversify our work environments and work product, yet some issues persist. To what extent have we considered the impact of intersectionality? In this session participants will learn:

  • The difference between intersectional and intersectionality
  • The impact of systemic discrimination as related to multiple identities
  • Actionable steps to leverage the practice of amplifying the voices and perspectives that relate to intersectionality

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As we consider topics of race, gender, ableism, heterosexism, and ageism, this workshop explores: What privilege is, who has it, and how it works for them, as well as how power and privilege are connected, and how the misuse of power and privilege become oppression. This workshop will also discuss how inter-group politics promotes the unequal distribution of power and privilege.

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In the Managed Heart, Arlie Hochschild defined emotional labor as, “The work for which one is paid, which centrally involves trying to feel the right feeling for the job while suppressing one’s feelings. While engaging in diversity, equity and inclusion work is rewarding, it can also be quite taxing and even toxic for the individuals serving as facilitators. The work becomes even more volatile for individuals with marginalized identities. This session is designed for formal practitioners of DEI and for those who are actively working to foster communities of practice that incubate equitable environments, where labor is responsibly shared and cultural competence and cultural humility operates as a standard.

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Knowing how and when to stand up and take action is one way to use your position or status in a positive manner. This course will present some ways in which colleagues and community members can respond, lift up, and become champions for students and colleagues in various professional situations.

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This outstanding professional development opportunity is offered FREE OF CHARGE to NC State University faculty, staff and graduate students.
OIED Approved ribbon
This program is also “OIED Approved” to meet the DEI requirement for the EHRA and SHRA annual employee performance reviews.

Please note that completion of the Inclusive Excellence Certificate is required prior to registering for the Strategic Practice Certificate. Planning for an additional SP Certificate Track (Restorative) is in progress.