Women in a circle, all hands in

Womxn’s HERstory Month

Join the Women’s Center in a Celebration of Womxn’s Herstory Month 2020 with a month of activities and events on the theme: Our Voices, Our Bodies, Our Stories: Strategies for Radical Self-Love

This year, the Women’s Center looks to engage the campus community in dialogue centered on the practice of Radical Self-Love.   We invite our partners to join us as we focus on the theme of Sonya Renee Taylor’s book “The Body Is Not An Apology: The Power of Radical Self-Love.” Sonya reminds us that “radical self-love demands that we see ourselves and others in the fullness of our complexities and intersections and that we work to create space for those intersections” (2018). This month we hope to take the community on a radical journey of self-love that focuses on critically examining sources of knowledge and information, relearning how we view ourselves and others, practicing self-love and getting to know ourselves and our bodies, seeing and acting in radical self-love within our communities all while building a community ethic of care and compassion.

Programs this Month

This month, we have curated campus-wide programs that address at least one of our month’s outcomes:

  • Taking Out the Toxic  – Taking out the toxic is about sorting through all the information that we receive and learning to make choices that further our ability to engage in radical self-love and collective compassion for those around us.
  • Mind Matters – This objective involves examining our toxic thoughts, reframing, and relearning how we view ourselves. This is the change we see happen inside ourselves while we critically think about how the toxic messages we have received have impacted our views of ourselves and others.
  • Unapologetic Action: This objective involves taking what we’ve learned in Pillars 1 and 2 and using self-love in our actions. Under this pillar/objective, we get to know our bodies and pay attention to when we are neglecting ourselves, we practice being an example of self-love and we empower ourselves to make new stories about our experiences — stories rooted in radical self-love.
  • Collective Compassion: This objective focuses on moving from individualism and self-reliance to community care and seeing ourselves as a collective with responsibility for one another. Collective compassion requires us to bridge Pillars 1-3 into how we engage with the people, environment, and the world around us. Radical self-love cannot exist without expressing love for those around us.