Peer lead training in the Women's Center

Mission, Vision and Goals

Why we do what we do.

About Us: The Women’s Center amplifies the voices of students across all intersectional identities, including gender, race, ethnicity, ability, class, and sexual orientation. We use our space to create an inclusive community that empowers student leaders to transform campus climate through education, advocacy, support and leadership development. We create programs and events to critically examine, disrupt, and dismantle systems of oppression that create barriers to gender equity and social justice, including interpersonal violence. To this end, we educate and collaborate with all members of our NC State community, including faculty and staff, to take responsibility for transforming an environment that produces gender inequities, social injustice, and interpersonal violence. 

Mission: We build and create a community of authentic and engaged allies and leaders to pursue gender equity and social justice, enhancing the campus climate through education, advocacy, support and leadership development.

Vision: The NC State Women’s Center serves as a resource and catalyst using evidence-based practices for transformative learning on both the individual and institutional level around issues of gender, equity and interpersonal violence.


  • Create culture change for gender and equity
  • Affirm all identities and cultivate connections and relationships
  • Examine links between systemic issues and institutional oppression through academic and real-life experiences.
  • Critique assumptions and beliefs.
  • Transform social justice education into local and global action

Annual Reports

Please see our most recent annual reports: