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Signature Events

The Women’s Center plans programs and events to enrich students, faculty and staff.  Certain events are yearly programs and have become our Signature Events.

Over the course of the 2021-2022 academic year, we invited the campus community to help us honor the past, celebrate the present, and envision the future of the NC State Women’s Center through a variety of events and opportunities as we celebrated 30 years.

In partnership with Student Leadership and Engagement, the Women’s Center co-sponsors an Alternative Spring Break (ASB) opportunity focused on gender-related social justice issues.  The Women’s Center also sponsors an international spring break trip to (Guatemala with a focus on – Global Gender Issues & Interpersonal Violence.

Since its creation in 2020, expanding upon the Women of Color Retreat, The Collective has been a  platform to engage in topics that connect with the WOC community such as body autonomy, sexual health, microaggressions, social/political injustice, healing in movement, etc.

The Women’s Center and Prevention Services will be hosting our hybrid women of color space with the intention to provide a space for women of color students as well as campus-based professional women of color to come together for community connection.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month is recognized in October each year. During this month, the Women’s Center hosts a series of events in honor of a month-long event in which we honor those who have lost their lives to domestic violence, as well as try to raise awareness about this public health concern. DVAM is part of a national awareness month, and the programs and events that the Women’s Center holds may vary by year.

Feminist Fridays are student-initiated and facilitated conversations centered on topics of gender equity. Interested students can submit discussion topics and outlines via the Women’s Center website or a semesterly call for discussion topics.

The mission of the Love Your Body Day Summit is to recognize loneliness, grief, and fear and to create an empowering space to work through individual and community healing.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month takes place in April and is part of a national attempt to raise awareness about sexual violence. During this month the Women’s Center holds various events and training to help raise awareness about sexual violence, create a campus that supports survivors, and teaches members of the Wolfpack to be active bystanders. Take Back the Night, a Women’s Center signature event, is part of SAAM and creates a space for survivors and allies to reclaim and share their experiences with sexual violence.

Sponsored by the Council on the Status of Women, the Sisterhood Dinner is an annual event intended to celebrate and acknowledge the contributions of Women to the NC State University community. The Equity for Women Awards are also distributed during this annual celebration.

January is Stalking Awareness Month. Stalking behaviors may include damaging a person’s property, showing up unexpectedly, calling or texting repeatedly, commenting or liking all or most of a person’s social media posts, tapping phone calls or going through a person’s emails and/or texts. The Women’s Center aims to help raise awareness about the impact of stalking and provide students, faculty and staff with resources to respond should stalking occur.

Women of Color Retreat has worked to create a community focused on finding meaning, healing, support, and trust amongst Women* of color in the NC State community. Our purpose is to help all participants move towards actualization by focusing on the inner parts of the self. Furthermore, the broad goal of the Women of Color Retreat is to create a space where Women of Color can express themselves, explore their multiple realities and intersecting identities in addition to discovering and critically examining the intricacies of power, leadership, solidarity, sisterhood, and scholarship.

Women’s HERstory Month is a celebration of the contributions of women throughout history. The Women’s Center hosts a number of programs during March focused on Women’s and Gender issues. The Center also coordinates a university-wide calendar of events in an effort to encourage and promote the celebration and continuation of campus-wide conversations center on gender equity.