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The Movement Peer Educators

The Movement is a group of trained Interpersonal Violence Prevention Peer Educators with the NC State Women’s Center. The Movement seeks to end interpersonal violence at NC State through peer education, advocacy, and collaborative action in order to ensure a safe and equitable campus community.

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Request a Workshop with The Movement

Join the Movement in raising awareness of Interpersonal Violence by hosting a workshop for your student group, organization, class, or residence hall. It takes ALL of us. All participants will leave workshops with zines!

What is Sexual Violence? (1 hour)
This training provides a detailed look at different forms of sexual or interpersonal violence. We’ll discuss its political and personal implications, looking at different scenarios to identify what kind of violence has occurred. We’ll also cover resources and steps for getting help.

How to Say No (1 hour)
Join the Movement Peer Educators in an interactive, in-depth conversation focused on consent. Participants will learn what no may look or sound like in different relationships and how power constrains about ability to refuse. This workshop also creates space for participants and peer educators to discuss how to navigate real-life scenarios and to practice saying no.

Navigating Conflicts in a Relationship (1 hour)
Join the Movement Peer Educators as they provide participants with introductory information regarding how to navigate conflict. Participants will recognize the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships, know that healthy relationships are attainable and become aware of resources available in regards to relationship violence. We will practice how to address unhealthy relationship dynamics and think about how we have been conditioned to avoid conflict.

Supporting Survivors (1 hour)
Join the Movement Peer Educators to learn trauma-informed ways of supporting survivors in your life and on campus. We’ll think about the different kinds of violence someone might face, how to emotionally support them, what resources to connect them to, and how to make sure we are taking care of ourselves in the process.

Request a workshop

For more information, please contact The Movement at or NC State Women’s Center at

The Movement Leadership Team

The Movement Leadership Team are trained, paid facilitators and student staff members with the NC State Women’s Center. The Leadership Team is selected based on their commitment to IPV Prevention, previous participation in the Movement, and leadership qualities. They hold year long positions and strive to build community with Movement Peer Educators and workshop facilitators, as well as engage the campus community in workshops, events and dialogue around consent, healthy relationships, and bystander behavior.

Meet the 2023-2024 Movement Leadership Team

  • Fiona Prestemon, Co-president
  • Lily Smith, Co-president
  • Kelsie Johnson, Director of Communications
  • Ruby Hernandez, Director of Workshops
  • Laura Roman-Rantz, Director of Events

Join The Movement

By joining The Movement Peer Educators you will build strong relationships, become part of a passionate and dedicated community, learn dialogue skills to address difficult conversations, and become a leader on campus dedicated to ending interpersonal violence.We table around campus to spread awareness about IPV and Women’s Center resources, present information to classes, and host events throughout the year.

The Movement Peer Educators are required to participate in weekly gatherings on Monday evenings from 5 – 6 p.m.  and attend campus awareness-raising events related to shifting campus culture around consent, healthy relationships, and IPV.  After completing a series of trainings to be a Peer Educator, you can apply to become a Facilitator.

Visit the Movement Peer Educators Application form for more information and to apply to join this passionate and dedicated community here at NC State. We would love to meet you and hear from you about any programming or educational efforts that you’d like to see!



Get to know two of the Movement’s student leaders, Priyanka Kallem and Charlotte Rogers — plus how you can get involved and take the Movement Challenge — in this episode of “Who’s Leading the Pack?” hosted by student Anne Ford.

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Note for Survivors

If you have experienced interpersonal violence, joining The Movement may be an empowering experience for you. It may also be triggering. Please keep this in mind as you apply to determine if engaging with The Movement is the best decision for you at this time. There is absolutely no need to disclose any prior experience of interpersonal violence. However, if you do, please note that the individuals collecting these applications are responsible employees. That means they have an obligation to report all disclosures of interpersonal violence to NC State University. If you disclose incident(s) of sexual violence (which includes sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, stalking, and relationship violence) involving yourself, or any members of the NC State community, we have an obligation to report that to the NC State University Title IX Coordinator. After a report is made they will reach out with an email offering resources and a chance to meet, which you have the right to accept or decline.