Students attending Feminist Friday

Feminist Fridays

Feminist Fridays are both a community and an opportunity

The dual purpose of Feminist Fridays is to create a community of scholars who believe in collaborative leadership through engaging in critical discourse and reflection and to provide an opportunity for transformative learning through discussion and counter-storytelling, refuting the dominant narrative often attributed to marginalized populations.

Feminist Friday scholars facilitate discussions that often provoke dissonance as well as attend to the intersections of one’s identity and how they interact with structural systems of dominance and oppression. Scholars are not expected to be knowledge experts, only to care about the topic they’ve chosen and be willing to learn more about it.

Many students value Feminist Fridays for the supportive community in which they are able to engage and discuss the issues that are important to them. Others join for leadership opportunities and the opportunity to facilitate topics that are high-impact in a comfortable environment.

In the News

Feminist Fridays bring student-led education and open discussion to Women’s Center – The Technician


Fall 2023 - Spring 2024

Feminist Fridays are held in the Women’s Center (5210 Talley) from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. on the following dates:

August 25
September 8
September 22
October 6
October 20
November 3
November 17
December 1
January 19
February 2
February 16
March 1 (Women’s HERstory Month Kickoff from 1-3pm in Talley Lobby)
April 5
April 19

Facilitate a Feminist Friday

Is there a particular topic that interests you and you want to discuss with your peers? Consider facilitating a Feminist Friday presentation!
Please read the following guidelines. These expectations are to ensure the best experience, for our facilitators and community members that will attend Feminist Fridays
  • Send us your completed 45-minute presentation at least two weeks to a week in advance. This will ensure that you are ready for the presentation and so your work can give others ideas.
  • Finalize your title, your official description, and the graphic elements you want to include at least three weeks in advance. This is to ensure that fellow students know about the amazing work you are doing and can come out to support you.
Please note: we cannot change topics after the marketing materials have been sent out.
  • Remember that this space is for learning and examining issues together!
  • Remember that you do not have to be an expert in your topic of choice.
  • Remember that your job is to start a conversation, share your passions, and learn with your community.
  • Come with your ideas and be ready to experience your topic to share with fellow students.

Things to keep in mind when thinking about your topic

  • Pick a topic that interests you.
  • Learn about ways this topic can affect people of varying identities.
  • Find connections to your topic and other topics.
  • Connect theory to practice.
  • Have a general understanding of your topic.
  • Build discussion and community through your topic.

Submit the following form to connect with the Women’s Center about your ideas for your very own Feminist Friday.

Facilitate a Feminist Friday