Witherspoon Student Center

Mission and Values

Awareness and Appreciation


The African American Cultural Center promotes awareness of and appreciation for African American and other African descent experiences through activities and events that enhance academic excellence and strengthen cultural competence for the campus and surrounding communities.

The African American Cultural Center stays actively engaged in the academic life of NC State with programs, resources and services that facilitate the cultural, intellectual and social growth of the entire university community.

As an integral academic unit that operates under the auspices of the Provost’s Office, the African American Cultural Center is an indispensable component of NC State’s mission of “building a diverse and inclusive campus community, fostering demographic and intellectual diversity, fostering internal and external partnerships and adopting an operational model that embraces efficiency and accountability.”

In support of its mission, the Cultural Center maintains a Library and an Art Gallery.


As we work to fulfill our mission, we strive to remain focused on the values that live at the heart of everything we do and everything that the African American Cultural Center represents. In all of our relationships, projects, activities and events, we value:

  • TRUTH AND INTEGRITY: We seek the truth and promote honesty and integrity in all matters, from the information that we disseminate about the African American experience to the way that we handle the day-to-day business of the African American Cultural Center .
  • CREATIVITY AND RESOURCEFULNESS: Our constant search for fresh ideas and innovative ways of doing things enables us to make full and productive use of the resources that are available to us. We work to develop new resources as needed.
  • RESPECT AND ACCEPTANCE: The African American Cultural Center is enriched by people who have different ways of seeing the world. We respect these differences and strive to embrace them as we celebrate the vast diversity of the African American experience.

Our Space

The AACC occupies approximately 1/3 of the total square footage of the Witherspoon Building (12,000 square feet distributed over three floors). The administrative office suite and 2 classroom/meeting rooms are on the third floor. The library and gallery are housed on the second floor, and there is a large multi-purpose room on the first floor. The AACC is housed in the Witherspoon Student Center Building, a facility that is funded by student fees and is operated by NC State’s Division of Academic and Student Affairs through the University Student Union.

The Washington Sankofa Room 126 is available for use by student organizations, faculty, staff and other members of the campus community and can be reserved by contact RAVE Event Services.

The AACC manages reservations and set-up services for Witherspoon 356, the conference room in the AACC suite on the 3rd floor. Please complete the reservation link above to reserve this space or contact us by phone or email with any questions.

Several African American student organizations have office space in the AACC’s administrative suite and are considered Resident Organizations.