Ebony Harlem Awards

Ebony Harlem Awards

April 24, 2022

It’s a renaissance!

The Ebony Harlem Awards of Excellence is the annual celebration of Black excellence at NC State which recognizes NC State students, faculty, and staff who, through their leadership, reflect and represent leadership, dedication, and talent. Ebony Harlem began in 1993 as a means to recognize the amazing efforts and impact of the Black community on and off-campus. The 2022 Ebony Harlem pulls from the 1920s Harlem Renaissance, which was a revival and celebration of black art and creativity, representing what it meant to be Black in America.

Inspired by the Harlem Renaissance we celebrate the dynamic ways Black people have created space for their existence as well as that of so many more. We come with an understanding that we are the vibe and a perpetual mood of Black joy, Black love, and Black aspiration. Come get revived and renewed energy with us on April 24, 2022, for The Ebony Harlem Awards of Excellence, it’s a renaissance!

A Look Back at the 2022 Awards

The AACC would like to thank Indy’s Den for providing photography for this event!