Witherspoon Student Center

30th Anniversary Celebration

In celebration of 30 years of the African American Cultural Center we invite our community and friends to our 30th Celebration: Creating Home Through Time and Space!

In celebration of the ability for Black people to find a home at NC State University, we have woven into our year a central theme: Creating Home Through Time and Space. We recognize that as time shifts day-to-day for each of us it is increasingly important that we are in community with one another and stretch our arms to create more space for our thriving. We do this by creating homes spaces.

We use adinkra symbology to help us tell our story of home. The three adinkras: Bese Saka, Mframadam, and Ese Ne Tekrema together create a symbolic narrative framing a celebration of 30 years of home in the African American Cultural Center at NC State.

30th Anniversary logoThe Pillars:

Bese Saka is a symbol of affluence and power. It speaks to the ways in which our community finds abundance by being in community with one another, recognizing we have an important role to bring people together.
Mframdan represents the “wind resistant house” that stands with fortitude and readiness to help our community as they face every aspect of life. The African American Cultural Center is a home that is well-built and offers a space of shelter for any who needs it.
Ese Ne Tekrema is the final pillar in our framing of home. It is a symbol of both friendship and interdependence. This pillar recognizes we must engage in principled struggle as we work together. It does not undermine the presence of conflict, but it creates space for us to work together to create freedom and joy in the midst of struggle.

A Message from Vice Provost Sheri Schwab

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Brittney Cooper

Dr. Brittney Cooper

Creating Home Through Time and Space: Black Feminist Practice with Dr. Brittney Cooper

DrBrittney Cooper is an acclaimed author, college professor, cultural critic, and activist, specializing in topics such as African American women in current feminism, gender identity and sexuality, and racial equity. She is the author of books such as Beyond Respectability, The Crunk Feminist Collection, and Eloquent Rage.

Brittney has written articles for publishers such as the New York Times and Time Magazine – discussing topics such as feminism, racial equity, and gender studies. Most recently, she has been working on conceptualizing a Black feminist conceptualization of time. Looking at Black diasporic thinking, movement, and storytelling to consider the ways Black people create home, space, and time with their minds and bodies. Her work is a site of aspiration and inspiration and calls us to reflect on the truth we tell about ourselves and how it governs the everyday. See more at her Ted Talk. A full bio can be found on her website brittneycooper.com.

Engage with Brittney Cooper’s Works

Brittney Cooper’s visit is hosted by the African American Cultural Center, Interdisciplinary Studies, CHASS, Women and Gender Studies, NC State Women’s Center, Leadership and Student Engagement, College of Textiles.