MSA Volunteer Ambassadors

Volunteer Ambassadors

Mission: Multicultural Student Affairs Volunteer Ambassadors strive to represent MSA across the campus through events, representation, and involvement. MSAVA was created to provide students with an opportunity to gain volunteer experience while learning more about multiculturalism and that impacts their lives academically, professionally and personally.


  • Minimum of three volunteer hours per week volunteering with MSA
  • Be available for tabling, touring and helping with events and programs as needed. This may require some late or weekend hours
  • Be a resource for students and other visitors in the MSA and around campus space

Other opportunities:

  • If there is an area that you are specifically interested in within MSA, become involved in research and/planning for an event.
  • Become a volunteer lead
  • Host a small activity, presentation, event in the MSA suite

Graduate Students:

  • Graduate Student Volunteers (max. 3):
  • Minimum of 3 hours per week
  • Must pick a certain area they would like to volunteer with or a staff member they would like to work directly with
  • Hold one small event in the MSA suite per semester
  • Attend at least 1 mixtape series event as a volunteer