Native Students in a Drum Circle

Native American Heritage Month

On August 3, 1990, the month of November was recognized by President George H. W. Bush as Native American Heritage Month (NAHM). During this month, we take the time to recognize the people, culture, traditions, crafts, and music that existed in the United States before it became what we know today.

For Native Heritage Month 2022, the concepts of Roots and Representation are crucial pieces to acknowledge in the Indigenous experience.  For many of our populations family, community, and land all hold strong cultural significance as it relates to navigating daily as a Native person. For those who walk in the worlds of tradition and modern culture simultaneously, the concept of “Roots” is essential for maintaining a sense of self.  Additionally, it is important for Indigenous people to make known their continued presence in the fabric of the American landscape.  As a people group with multiple tribes, dialects, and skin tones, effective representation is critical for asserting not only general existence but also the diverse beauty that Native people possess.

Roots and Representation – University Communications

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