Native Students in a Drum Circle

Native American Heritage Month

On August 3, 1990, the month of November was recognized by President George H. W. Bush as Native American Heritage Month (NAHM). During this month, we take the time to recognize the people, culture, traditions, crafts, and music that existed in the United States before it became what we know today.

In celebration of this Heritage Month, NC State strives to center and uplift the voices of Native people both on campus and in the community at large.  The theme for this year’s Heritage Month programming is “Unity is Sacred”.  NC State is a place where students and staff representing multiple tribal nations, stories, and experiences are able to come together and learn from one another.  In learning about one another, the concepts of unity and empowerment are able to shine through as a way to honor the ancestors who have come before. Please join us for a time of learning, fellowship, and celebration!

Calendar of Events