MSA Students in Stoles holding Graduation Celebration Signs

Multicultural Graduation Celebration

Our Multicultural Graduation celebration is an annual student-centered ceremony that celebrates the diversity in the graduating class. As we have supported our students during their time at NC State, we also want them to feel supported and uplifted as they go out into the world with their degrees. At NC State, this tradition allows community members to pause, reflect and be inspired. While we aim to make this an inclusive space, this event centers the journey of graduating undergraduates, master’s and doctoral students from diverse backgrounds.

Part of the tradition of the Multicultural Graduation celebration is connecting to our heritage and roots; this is typically done by sharing experiences from alumni, honoring graduates with Kente stoles and the intergenerational transmission of knowledge through narratives.

Spring 2024 Graduation Celebration

WHEN: Thursday, May, 2nd 2024 at 6:00 PM. EST. Reception to immediately follow.
WHERE: Piedmont-Mountains Ballroom, Talley Student Union

Please fill out this form in its entirety by April 19th, 2024 if you are interested in being recognized during this celebration.

Registration for Spring Graduates

Graduating students are encouraged to wear their graduation regalia, stoles, and/or cords at the event but are not required to. Business casual dress is encouraged for guests of graduates.

Please contact with a “Multicultural Graduate Recognition” subject line should you have any questions.

Past Graduations

Our 2022 graduation theme was “Livin’ My Life,” celebrating our 2022 graduates doing their thing, overcoming trying times, and living their best lives. Be on the lookout for photos from the 2022 Multicultural Graduation celebration.

Our 2021 graduation theme focused on elevating the personal growth, learning, innovation and community unification that has come during these times. Take a look back at events and motivations for “Liberation in Spite Of…”, and our 2021 graduates.