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Where to find what you need in the area

As part of the Research Triangle, Raleigh is part of an active community of educators, scholars and innovators. The city is home to a diverse array of people who bring their identities, cultures, art, music, and voices to a space that welcomes them. The LGBTQ and Ally communities thrive here, and the Research Triangle is home to several local and campus LGBTQ Centers, student and professional LGBTQ organizations, and a variety of LGBTQ annual events. Check out the links below for more information.


LGBT Center of Raleigh

We are fortunate to have a community center in downtown Raleigh at 19 W Hargett St UNIT 507. The LGBT Center of Raleigh‘s mission is to serve, empower, and advocate for the well-being of our diverse LGBTQ+ communities. The Center envisions an inclusive world where LGBTQ+ people are thriving, equal, and valued members of society. Stay connected with the LGBT Center of Raleigh to know what is going on in the local community.

LGBTQ Center of Durham

We are fortunate to have a community center in Durham at 114 Hunt Street. The LGBT Center of Durham is a safe and inclusive community committed to supporting and celebrating GLBT and Queer identified people in and around Durham. The LGBTQ Center of Durham is a lead organizer of Pride: Durham, NC, the Triangle’s annual pride parade. For more information, visit the LGBT Center of Durham website.

UNC-Chapel Hill LGBTQ Center

The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill is home to one of our partner Centers. Visit their calendar to check out what’s happening on their campus.

Duke University Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity

Located in nearby Durham, Duke University also houses a Center and partners to host Pride: Durham, NC. Check out their calendar for more information about their programs and events.


PFLAG Triangle

PFLAG Triangle provides a support group meeting in Raleigh for parents, families, and friends of those in the LGBTQIA+ community. The meetings are held virtually twice per month during the COVID-19 pandemic. The meetings are held the first Thursday and third Wednesday of each month from 7:30-9:00 PM. For more information about PFLAG Triangle, see the PFLAG website.

Raleigh’s LGBT Chamber of Commerce

Raleigh’s LGBT Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit and networking organization for the LGBTQIA+ business and professional community. The Chamber hosts professional development and networking events, such as the Pride Life Expo. To learn more or to check out their calendar of events, see Raleigh’s LGBT Chamber of Commerce website.


Pride: Durham, NC

Pride: Durham, NC serves as the annual celebration of community, family, pride, and activism in Durham and across the state. Durham being the home to progressive politics and true inclusion is the perfect location to celebrate your identities. Located in the state famous for “THE Bathroom Bill,” HB2, Durham is also where activists have shaped history through radical acts and intelligent collaboration between key community members. Pride: Durham, NC brings love and activism back to the forefront of Pride as a way to drive stronger connections and further growth and success in a tumultuous political climate. All people with love in their hearts and progress fueling them are welcome at Pride: Durham, NC. Visit the LGBTQ Center of Durham website for more information.

Out! Raleigh Pride

Each summer the LGBT Center of Raleigh hosts Out! Raleigh Pride, a festival featuring vendors, speakers, performers, and artists. See the Out! Raleigh Pride website for more information about Out! Raleigh Pride.

Crape Myrtle Festival

The Crape Myrtle Festival (CMF) is an all-volunteer nonprofit that encourages and promotes the development of services for persons living with AIDS and/or HIV infection, and additionally, raises money for financial assistance, outreach, and education to realize needs within the LGBT community. CMF hosts a variety of events, including an annual Drag Brunch and Gala. For more information about CMF, please visit the CMF website.