A faculty member poses in front of a building

LGBTQ Faculty and Staff Network

Support for faculty and staff on campus

Part of the mission of the LGBTQ Pride Center is to provide ongoing support for LGBTQ faculty and staff on campus. To fulfill that mission, the LGBTQ Center coordinates the LGBTQ Faculty and Staff Network in order to provide an opportunity for LGBTQ faculty and staff to connect and form community, to supply informal and formal feedback about campus climate, to support and mentor LGBTQ students, and to connect with prospective LGBTQ faculty and staff members.

The Network a few times during the academic year. Check our calendar for upcoming events. If you would like to join the Network, please contact Pride Center staff.

If you are a prospective LGBTQ faculty or staff member and you would like to know more about NC State, being out on campus, the local community, or anything else, please feel free to email LGBTQ Center staff, with questions. Also, if you would like to connect informally with LGBTQ faculty and staff during your campus interview, please feel free to contact the LGBTQ Center to schedule a meet-and-greet.

Meet Our Members

Part of our goal is to increase the visibility of LGBTQ faculty and staff. There are LGBTQ faculty and staff all over campus.

Campus Enterprises

Paige Johnson, Lead AV Coordinator, NC State Student Centers


College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

CALS Administration

Anthony Buckner, Technology Support Specialist

Ryan Phillips, PCard Reconciler, Business Services

Jamie Dennis, IT Systems Specialist

Delwyn ‘Del’ Kirkman, Administrative Associate

Animal Science

Dr. Latisha Judd, Lecturer, Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences (MANRRS) Advisor

Food, Bioprocessing, and Nutritional Science

Julie Yamamoto, Project Coordinator and Instructional Designer


College of Education

Educational Leadership, Policy, and Human Development

Alyssa Rockenbach, Professor

Teacher Education and Learning Sciences (TELS)

Mark Samberg, Assistant Teaching Professor, Learning Design and Technology


College of Engineering

College of Engineering Administration

Hailey Queen, Coordinator of Engineering First Year Programs

Biomedical Engineering

Bruce Wiggin, Associate Professor

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Kathy Ford, Executive Assistant

Center, Institute, or Laboratory

Heather Brutz, Clean Transportation Finance and Operations Manager, NC Clean Energy Technology Center


College of Humanities and Social Sciences 


elizabeth nelson, Teaching Associate Professor


Gene Melton, Senior Lecturer and Academic Advisor


Craig Thompson Friend, Director Emeritus of Public History

Megan L. Cherry, Associate Professor of History

Public and International Affairs

Meggie Romick, Graduate Academic Advisor Coordinator

Sociology and Anthropology

Michael Chapman, Graduate Coordinator

Social Work

Kevin Neiley, Lecturer

Paige Averett, Associate Head and Interim BSW Program Director

Kim Stansbury, Associate Professor


College of Natural Resources

Forestry and Environmental Resources

Laurel Kays, Forestry Extension Assistant

Dr. Robert M Scheller, Professor

Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management

Kimberly Bush, Director of Undergraduate Programs and Teaching Associate Professor


College of Sciences

College of Sciences Administration

Debbie Carraway, Director of Information Technology

Biological Sciences

Dana Thomas, Coordinator of Advising

Jane Lubischer, Associate Department Head


Cory E. Hauke, Post-Doctoral Research Scholar, Castellano Lab

Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences

Kay McMonigal, Post-Doctoral Scholar


Seth Sullivant, Distinguished Professor, Director of Graduation Programs


College of Veterinary Medicine

Clinical Sciences

Karyn Harrell, Assistant Clinical Professor, Internal Medicine 

Kyle Warren-Love, Radiology Assistant


Division of Academic and Student Affairs

DASA Administration

Justin Hammond, Director of Marketing and Communications

John Starbuck, Marketing and Web Development

Justine Hollingshead, Assistant Vice Chancellor

Arts NC State 

Mark Tulbert, Director of Arts Marketing

Career Development Center

Courtney Mulveney, Career Identity Coach

Sarah Wild, Career Counselor

Counseling and Prevention Services

Richard Tyler-Walker, Associate Director of Operations

Crafts Center

Paul Cash, Office Manager

Carol Fountain Nix, Director

University Housing

Chester Miller, Director of Residential Learning & Academic Initiatives

Michael Cherry, Assistant Director of Residence Life

Dylan Morris, Assistant Director of Conference and Guest Services

University Theater

Jayme Mellema, Scenic Designer and Instructor


Enrollment Management and Services 


Tyler Tucky, Regional Assistant Director, Undergraduate Admissions

University Cashier’s Office

Martha Andre, Assistant Director


Environmental Health and Public Safety

Chris Hickey, Communications Training Officer


Global Engagement

Office of International Services

Asia King, International Programs Coordinator

Study Abroad

Kyle Keith, International Program Coordinator


Office of Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost 

Katharine E. Stewart, Senior Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs

Diane Chapman, Executive Director, Office of Faculty Development


Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity

Campus Community Centers

angela gay-audre, Director, African American Cultural Center


University Advancement, Alumni Association, and University Development 

University Communications

Luna Vanaman, Senior Interactive Media Producer

David Hunt, Director of Editorial Services


University Athletics

Michelle Joshua, Director of Sports Psychology


University Libraries

Gabriel Israel, University Library Specialist, Acquisition and Discovery Department


Other Departments

Biotechnology Program

Jacob Dums, Teaching Postdoctoral Scholar