African American Cultural Center

May 9, 2021  |  Diversity Digest

Ebony Harlem Awards Celebration Uplifts Achievements

The African American Cultural Center honored outstanding students, staff and faculty the annual Ebony Harlem Awards.

Apr 23, 2021  |  Diversity Digest

New Podcast from the African American Cultural Center

The AACC Podcast is a space where you can hear a variety of topics related to Black culture, Africana studies, Black literature and more.

Apr 23, 2021  |  Diversity Digest

African American Cultural Center Welcomes Hanna Amme

Hanna Amme joined the African American Cultural Center on April 20, 2021 as library coordinator.

Apr 10, 2021  |  Diversity Digest

Join Us for the Ebony Harlem Awards on Stafford Lawn

Join us on April 25 for the Ebony Harlem Awards of Excellence, the annual celebration of Black excellence at NC State.

Mar 25, 2021  |  Diversity Digest

African American Cultural Center Highlights Rich History

The AACC has been a home away from home for NC State students for many years, although its history is not widely known on campus.

Mar 12, 2021  |  Diversity Digest

MLK Campus Commemoration Continues with Master Class Series

As a part of celebrating the late Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy, the AACC offers two more workshops in March and April.

Feb 26, 2021  |  Diversity Digest

Nominations Open for Annual Ebony Harlem Awards

Nominate yourself and your community for the Ebony Harlem awards now through March 23.

Feb 26, 2021  |  Diversity Digest

Blacks in Wax Weekend: Rest as Liberation Through Black Stories

Blacks in Wax Weekend asserted this year's Black History Month theme, "Rest as Liberation," through the action of storytelling.

Feb 12, 2021  |  Diversity Digest

Viral* as in: Fearless, Unapologetic, Transformative, Unwavering

Join the Women’s Center and the African American Cultural Center for the opening of the Viral* Blackness Exhibit and Zine opening.

Jan 29, 2021  |  Diversity Digest

Rest Is Our Liberation: There is Rest for the Weary

AACC Director angela gay-audre reflects on Black History Month.