Talley Student Union outside view

Mission, Vision and Goals



The mission of the NC State GLBT Center is to engage, develop, and empower members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender communities and their allies. In order to fulfill that mission, we

  • help students connect to form social support networks
  • offer identity-based and health-related information and resources
  • consult with students individually and collectively on issues related to personal identity and academic success
  • refer students to a wide variety of resources on campus and in the local community
  • provide professional and leadership development opportunities
  • and host educational events and programs


Our vision is of a campus where students, staff, faculty, and alumni feel a shared responsibility to increase their individual understanding of and comfort with diversity, to enhance their ability to connect with members of their own communities, to build coalitions across identity groups, and to work collaboratively in order to raise awareness, promote respect, and create a culture where they can advocate for equity, inclusion and social justice on behalf of themselves and others.


  • Foster a safe and inclusive environment for students, staff, faculty, and alumni of all genders and sexualities, for individuals exploring their sexual orientation and gender identity/expression, and for allies of the GLBT community.
  • Affirm the identities of GLBT and questioning students, staff, faculty, and alumni while also acknowledging and helping to raise awareness about the way the lived experiences of GLBT individuals vary and are influenced by their race, religion, ethnicity, age, ability status, social class, and other social characteristics.
  • Collaborate with departments, offices, and organizations across campus to engage members of the NC State community in conversations about issues of identity, diversity, community building, advocacy, and social justice.
  • Promote awareness and provide education with respect to the issues faced by GLBT individuals and their allies in order to enable members of the campus community to play an active role in helping to combat sexism, genderism, transphobia, homophobia, biphobia and heterosexism.
  • Advise administrators on issues related to GLBT campus climate and advocate for inclusive policies and practices.
  • Provide information and resources to help staff and faculty develop GLBT-inclusive work and classroom environments and course curricula.
  • Maintain an active and engaged community for GLBT and allied students, staff, faculty, and alumni of NC State while networking with GLBT groups and organizations in the local area and throughout North Carolina.

Annual Reports

From advising student organizations to hosting events thatĀ engage the campus community in conversations about identity and social justice, the GLBT Center works throughout the year to fulfill our mission, vision and goals. Not only is our work intentional, but so is our desire to be transparent about what we are trying to do and the impact we are having. Each year we complete annual reports that outline all of our programs and services as well as our assessment of how effectively we are meeting our intended outcomes. Click on any of the links below to review our past reports.