New Online ADA Training Module for Event Planners

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A new online training module for event coordinators is the first offered by OIED’s Equal Opportunity and Equity (EOE) unit that is specifically for faculty and staff who specialize or work in event planning. The training is the second offering in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) series offered by EOE, following the ADA for Supervisors course, which was updated in December 2021 A third Moodle course, ADA for Employees, is in development.

The course is self-paced in Moodle. If you are interested in taking the course, you can sign-up in REPORTER. The course takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. 

Over the course of six lessons, participants learn about the following topics:

  • The history of the ADA;
  • Definitions of disability and related terms under the ADA;
  • The role of the event coordinator in creating an accessible environment; 
  • Event planning considerations;
  • Accessible technology; and 
  • Reasonable accommodation requests. 

At the end of each lesson, participants assess their knowledge and understanding of the topics covered. At the end of the course, participants have the opportunity to explore more resources offered by NC State related to the ADA and receive a certificate of completion. 

Questions about the training should be directed to EOE via email at, by phone at 919.513.0574, or in person at Winslow Hall, Room 231. 

Mia Embling is the equal opportunity and equity program coordinator.