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About OIED Impact Response

OIED Impact Response reviews reports of DEI-related incidents, behavior and/or action, recommends and supports restorative and educational responses to address the individual, collective, and institutional impacts.

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Who Are We?

OIED Impact Response at NC State provides support to people affected by DEI-related incidents that impact individuals, groups and overall campus community climate.

NC State has many existing policies and processes for reporting acts of discrimination, harassment, concern or violence, and our team does not replace or overrule those. We may, however, refer reported incidents to other appropriate university offices and personnel as needed.

Impact Response is coordinated by the Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity (OIED) and is comprised of professionals from across campus who work to support anyone impacted by bias.

An interdisciplinary, interdepartmental team of staff serve as the OIED Impact Response review team. In collaboration with OIED’s Campus Community Centers, the Division of Academic and Student Affairs (DASA), and other campus partners, Impact Response advocates support individuals and respond to the institutional impacts of DEI-related incidents.

What is Bias?

Bias is prejudice in favor of or against someone or something. Biases can be conscious or unconscious – explicit or implicit. Biased behaviors or actions can be intentionally or unintentionally directed towards individuals or groups. In addition, bias can be institutionalized into policies, practices and structures.

What is a DEI (bias) related Incident?

A DEI-related (bias) incident is any consciously, unconsciously, explicitly or implicitly expressed act that targets individuals or groups based on perceived or actual identity. Additionally, a DEI-related incident refers to any behavior, action or practice that marginalizes, mocks, demeans, intimidates or threatens individuals or groups based on an actual or perceived protected class. These occurrences impede the cultivation of a healthy and sustainable learning and working environment.

A bias incident is an occurrence that does not give rise to an Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Policy or Code of Student Conduct violation. Policy violations are handled and redressed through the Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity, consistent with POL 04.25.05 and related Regulations. Student Conduct Code violations are handled and redressed through the Office of Student Conduct.

What is Bias Impact?

DEI-related impact is any physical, psychological and/or emotional response to an incident, behaviors, interactions and/or practices that communicate negative or harmful bias. Impact can manifest as:

  • a diminished sense of self-worth, for those impacted and affected, for an extended period of time;
  • distrust between individuals and/or groups, leading to the erosion of a healthy sense of community;
  • feeling isolated, vulnerable, powerless, helpless, fearful and/or unwelcome;
  • psychological distress, including stress, anxiety and/or anger;
  • interference with an individual’s ability to work, learn or maintain health relationships;
  • poor professional and/or academic performance;
  • a desire to leave or withdraw from the community and/or to decrease participation in social activities and programs;
  • feeling the need to retaliate against a member of the group represented by the responsible person(s)/group(s).

[Adapted from Xavier University]

The Impact Report Form can be used by NC State students, faculty and staff to document bias-related incidents or practices and to request support in addressing them.