Acknowledging the Arbery Trial Deliberations

NC State Belltower with orange sky

Dear Wolfpack Community,

Today, the nation waits as the jury deliberates in the trial of those who killed Ahmaud Arbery. On February 23, 2020, the defendants pursued, detained, shot and killed Ahmaud Arbery, a 25 year old Black man who was jogging through a neighborhood in Glynn County, Georgia. Arbery’s death sparked protests against racial profiling and vigilanteism and demands for legal accountability for the three men involved. All three men — Travis McMichael, his father, Greg McMichael, and William ‘Roddie’ Bryan — were charged in his death, and the trial’s closing arguments ended yesterday, November 23, 2021, sending the jury into their deliberations.

Even in this busy time for NC State, we pause to acknowledge the implications of this trial — as well as those from the Kyle Rittenhouse trial which concluded last week with a not guilty verdict — and the very real impacts for Black, Brown and Indigenous communities. These trials are seen by many as barometers of progress for racial equity, justice and change in our nation. Because of this, we anxiously await the verdict in the Arbery trial. 

I write simply to bear witness to this moment. As always, there are many community support resources available, should you or someone you know need them, and we encourage everyone to take extra care throughout the next few days. I also invite you to join me in hope for justice and in commitment to do all we can to continue moving NC State forward on this journey for more inclusion and more equity for all.  


Sheri L. Schwab
Vice Provost for Institutional Equity and Diversity

P. S. Yesterday, I provided an overview of some of the recent diversity, equity and inclusion work we have done and efforts we are starting or continuing at NC State to put action into our commitments. I invite you to read more about our work.