African American Cultural Center Welcomes Hanna Amme

Hanna Amme

Joining us on April 20, 2021 as library coordinator, Hanna Amme expressed excitement to collaborate with students and colleagues in doing work that reflects the African diaspora and pushes for authentic representation.

Amme believes excellence is reflected in the ability to explore new worlds, saying that as she centers Black excellence in her work, she hopes to give people a mirror to reflect themselves and a window through which to capture a wide world of possibility. 

Amme’s interests are in learning about and showcasing culture and how cultures often interact and are in conversation with one another over time and within spaces. Her interests in cross-cultural interactions are a site of importance and drive her scholarly pursuits. 

When asked what was important to her, Amme expressed that she finds importance in having the ability to always question and grow. The focus of her life and career has been exploring with depth and finding pleasure in the ability to research and examine.

Further exploring her joys, she shared, it is important for her colleagues to know she is a generally happy person and often smiling. She says, “It’s just who I am!” and enthusiastically gives praise to her mother as the site of her joy, saying her mother taught her to find joy in the everyday while enjoying the simple pleasures in life that keeps one going. 

Of the age-old question of librarians, “What is your favorite book/author?” Hanna responded with reverence, citing a collection of Toni Morrison’s writings. She describes Morrison as a wordsmith who chooses her words and punctuation with diligence. For Amme, the work of Morrison takes her on a journey that conveys deep meaning and care.  

Amme comes most recently from Fayetteville Technical Community College, where she served as senior library assistant. She comes with more than eight years of library experience in both public and higher education libraries. 

We are excited to welcome Hanna Amme to both the African American Cultural Center and NC State University.

angela gay-audre is director of the African American Cultural Center.