Inclusive Hiring Practices: Updated Training Now Available

Smiling Asian woman in an office with computer

NC State employees and students now can take the newly-updated Search Committee Training, which was released Jan, 4, 2021. The training is available in two formats via REPORTER, provided by the Equal Opportunity and Equity (EOE) unit of the Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity. The new update aligns with Provost Warwick A. Arden’s memo on Promoting Diversity in Hiring and Section 103 of the UNC Policy Manual and Code, Equality of Opportunity In The University.

What’s new in the online module?

The new online training is a self-paced module similar to the previously available training. It covers the recruitment process from beginning to end. In contrast to its predecessor, the update goes more in-depth about the various roles of a search committee while still covering important topics such as unconscious bias.

The training continues to incorporate relevant university policies, best practices, confidentiality, records retention and helpful information from Human Resources. There are no changes to how individuals register for and access this training in REPORTER. Those who plan to participate in the online training should anticipate that the course will take them approximately 1–1.5 hours to complete, but participants may start, stop and resume the training at any time. 

Due to COVID-19, the traditional in-person training has transitioned to Zoom and is available twice a month or by request for a unit or department. However, groups should make training requests at least two weeks prior to the proposed training date and should have a minimum of 10 participants.

Who should take the training?

Search Committee Training is an informative learning experience for university students and employees who participate in or who are planning to participate in the hiring process. Individuals outside of the university may also take the training but will need to request access by emailing EOE at We strongly recommend that individuals who participate in search committees should take either a Zoom or in-person training once every three years and use the online training in between as a refresher course. 


If you would like to know more about the updates, need an accommodation to participate in the training, would like help registering for a course or need to set up a time to train your unit or department, please contact the Equal Opportunity and Equity unit at either or by phone at 919.513.0574.

If you would like to register for the self-paced training or a Zoom session, please visit REPORTER. Individuals interested in learning more about the search committee training can reference “How to take search committee training and additional resources for the hiring and recruitment process.

Mia Embling is the program coordinator and Selby Rempfer is an equal opportunity officer in the Equal Opportunity and Equity unit of the Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity.