Inaugural IT Accessibility Champion Award Winners

Keyboard that says "accessibility"

Amy Grubbs and Emily Harrell-HilburnNC State’s University IT Accessibility Office has announced Amy Grubbs and Emily Harrell-Hilburn as the first recipients of the Accessibility Champion Award. The award recognizes their contribution to making the campus digital environment more inclusive and welcoming.

Grubbs and Harrel-Hilburn took the initiative to remove disability-related barriers from the university’s onboarding website, which they oversee. Following these improvements, our new automated web accessibility checker, Pope Tech, reports that the onboarding site now has no accessibility errors and no contrast errors.

Crystal Tenan, NC State’s IT accessibility coordinator, says, “The IT Accessibility Office is very proud of their hard work and excited to share the great work they are doing. For questions about the Accessibility Champion Award or to nominate someone for their work in making the campus digital environment more accessible, please contact the IT Accessibility Office.”

NC State University is subject to Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which requires federal agencies (or institutions receiving federal funds) to make their information and communications technology, including, online training and websites, accessible for everyone.

The ADA also pertains to providing reasonable accommodations for employees and students. To learn more about these services, see Accommodations and Accessibility.

If you need help determining if your website is in compliance, contact the IT Accessibility Office.