Have You Taken a Diversity Workshop this Semester?

Participants discuss diversity topics in a workshop

Continuous improvement requires continuous action.

To make NC State the most equitable and inclusive environment it can be, the Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity offers workshops year-round, most free of charge, for faculty, staff and students.

We encourage you to recommit to your diversity education by considering one of the following learning opportunities:

  • Affirmative Action in Employment (OIED-EOE-001)
    Participants receive an historical overview of the affirmative action policy as well as the legal obligations of federal contractors. Next offering: Feb. 11 (2 hours).
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (OIED-EOE-002)
    This workshop focuses on correct and lawful employment practices that minimize workplace discrimination for persons with disabilities. Next offering: Feb. 19 (2 hours).
  • Building Cultural Competence Knowledge and Skills* (OIED-CQ-004)
    Participants practice skills for engaging effectively across differences and explore identities and the impact of socialization on identities. Faculty receive first priority. Next offerings: Feb. 28, May 20 (3 hours).
  • Project SAFE (OIED-GLBT-007)
    Project SAFE addresses a wide range of information, including identity terms associated with the GLBT community, issues that GLBT students face both in and out of the classroom and ways that allies can create inclusive environments. Next offering: Feb. 26, Mar. 26, Apr. 22 (3 hours).
  • Introduction to BIRT (OIED-BIRT-001)
    Participants receive an overview of the concepts of bias, bias impact, NC State’s bias impact response process and restorative practices. Next offerings: Mar. 9, May 11 (1 hour).
  • Fundamentals of Equal Opportunity (OED-EOE-006)
    This workshop provides participants with a fundamental understanding of equal opportunity and affirmative action laws and policies such as Title VII, Title IX and the ADA. Next offering: Mar. 18 (2 hours).
  • Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Assessment* (OIED-CQ-002)
    This workshop includes an introduction to the cultural intelligence model and research with an emphasis on communication across cultures as it relates to the participants’ roles with NC State. Faculty receive first priority. $100. Next offerings: Mar. 24, Apr. 15, May 22 (3 hours).
  • Unconscious Bias (OIED-DI-007)
    This workshop introduces the basics of unconscious, or implicit, bias and different types of unconscious bias. Next offering: Mar. 27 (2 hours).
  • Trans 101 (OIED-GLBT-010)
    This workshop introduces participants to the spectrum of transgender, gender-nonconforming and gender-questioning identities and expressions, common issues faced by trans students and strategies campus community members can use to be trans inclusive. Next offering: Mar. 30 (2 hours).
  • NCBI Building Bridges: Strengthening Diverse Communities (OIED-NCBI-002)
    In this interactive, experiential and high-energy workshop, participants celebrate similarities and differences, identify misinformation about other groups, identify and heal from internalized oppression, claim pride in their own group identities and gain empowerment by learning ways to challenge bigoted comments and actions. Next offering: Apr. 3 (6 hours).
  • Interpersonal and Sexual Violence in the GLBT Community (OIED-GLBT-006)
    This workshop helps participants understand the ways that interpersonal and sexual violence is experienced by members of the GLBT community, reasons why GLBT people are less likely to report and ways to support GLBT survivors. Next offering: Apr. 7 (2 hours).
  • Shifting Our Framework for Supporting Students with Disabilities in the Classroom (OIED-GLBT-014)
    This workshop helps members of the campus community create more inclusive environments for students with disabilities. Next offering: Apr. 15 (2 hours).
  • Search Committee Training (OIED-EOE)
    NC State faculty, staff and students who are planning to participate in a search committee during the year are required to take either the online or in-person version of this training. Next offering: Multiple times per month in person or any time online (1 hour).
  • DiversityEdu for Faculty: Personal Skills for a Diverse Campus* (OIED-CQ-003)
    This online course for faculty and staff focuses on engaging with diversity and growing inclusive culture and provides information and skills for building inclusive environments. Next offerings: Online, self-paced (approx. 1.5 hours).
  • Exploring Oppression (OIED-DI-002)
    Within this online workshop, participants learn about the existence, definition, cycle and experience of oppression and privilege for individuals and groups. Next offerings: Online, self-paced.

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Asterisk (*) indicates that the workshop is part of the 3-course Foundations of Cultural Competence and Inclusivity Certificate Program for Faculty. Register for the certificate program in Reporter.