New Online Training Modules for DHPR and Search Committee Training

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The Equal Opportunity and Equity unit of the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity will unveil two online training modules on Thursday, November 1, 2018. The new online modules will provide an alternative method for students, faculty and staff to attend two of the most requested Equal Opportunity and Equity training: the Discrimination and Harassment Prevention and Response Training (DHPR) and the Search Committee Orientation Training. Both pieces of training have been offered primarily in-person for the past several years. This will be the first year in which an online module is available to train search committee members. Instances for the training will be available for all interested NC State participants through the online REPORTER registration system beginning the morning of November 1st.

DHPR Training

Discrimination and Harassment Prevention and Response (DHPR) training provides individuals with information about the laws, policies and practices surrounding the prevention of discrimination and harassment. Individuals unfamiliar with DHPR training will recognize it as part of New Employee Orientation. All NC State employees must complete DHPR training once every three years. This training requirement is stated in Regulation 04.25.06.

Search Committee Orientation Training

Search Committee Orientation training provides information on conducting an equitable, diverse and inclusive hiring process. In addition to the new online training module, Equal Opportunity and Equity will begin offering three scheduled search committee training per month instead of training for individual search committees. This transition will allow for a more efficient and informative training for search committee members.

Although participation in this training is not required by the university, it is highly encouraged by the provost for any NC State staff member who will be participating in or chairing a search committee. (See the provost’s memo.) Equal Opportunity and Equity suggests that employees who are serving on search committees take this training once per year. Individuals who frequently participate in searches should plan to take the online module once per year and attend an in-person training session once every three years.

Registration for both the online and in-person training is available in REPORTER. Those who have taken the in-person search committee training since July 1, 2018 will be able to see their completion status in REPORTER.

All questions about both training modules can be directed by email to

Mia Thompson is the equal opportunity and equity program coordinator.