Franchesca Ramsey Will Be Fall Diversity Dialogue Speaker

Franchesca Ramsey

Each fall during Diversity Education Week, NC State brings a celebrated guest speaker to headline the campus Diversity Dialogue. Past speakers have included actress America Ferrera, filmmaker Shakti Butler, activist Tim Wise and author James Loewen.

Diversity Education Week 2017NC State is pleased to announce that this year’s Diversity Dialogue will feature Franchesca Ramsey, social media activist, writer and comedian, who will speak on “Your Powerful Online Voice: Social Media for Social Change.” Please join us for this special event on Monday, October 23, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. in Witherspoon Cinema.

Ramsey is the host of MTV’s Decoded whose career began with a viral video. Hear the story about how it changed her life, kick-started her career and helped her become a leading voice for social justice. Ramsey will also discuss what she has learned along the way and how it can help all of us amplify our voices for social change. She covers race, gender, feminism and equality in America with her unique brand of information-via-comedy through a platform that continues to change the way we talk about things that matter.

View some of Franchesca Ramsey’s recent work: