GLBT Center Launches New Advocate Program

All paths lead to the Belltower

Fall surrounds the Memorial Belltower. PHOTO BY ROGER WINSTEAD

GLBT Advocate Program placardThe GLBT Center recognizes the strong support that exists at NC State for members of the GLBT community and for the work the Center does. This support is evident by the number of students, faculty and staff who have participated in the Project SAFE Ally Program as well as the ongoing Trans* 101 workshops. These educational initiatives are important to help maintain a campus that is knowledgeable about the needs of the GLBT community and that is committed to meeting those needs.

The GLBT community is incredibly diverse, and understandings about gender and sexual orientation are constantly evolving. Consequently, there is always new information to get out to campus Allies and always more information than the GLBT Center can cover in one workshop. Thus, the Center is launching a new initiative — the GLBT Advocate Program — for the 2015-2016 academic year.

The GLBT Advocate Program is intended to be a continuing education and engagement program for NC State faculty and staff. The Program is designed to provide faculty and staff with ongoing opportunities for learning and for showing their support as Allies and Advocates of the GLBT community. Faculty and staff who would like to participate in the Program agree to complete one educational workshop and attend one GLBT event on campus each year.

The GLBT Center will offer five new workshops during the 2015-2016 academic year: “Recognizing and Responding to Microaggressions” and “Intersectionality in the GLBT Community” in October as part of GLBT History Month, “Cultural Values about Gender and Violence in the Trans* Community” in November as part of Trans* Awareness Week, “Addressing Offensive Behavior:  A How-To Guide for Interrupting Problematic Behavior and Helping Students Navigate the Reporting Process” in February, and “Interpersonal and Sexual Violence in the GLBT Community” in April as part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

For more information about the Program or to register for upcoming workshops, visit

Renee Wells is director of the NC State GLBT Center.