Equal Opportunity Institute Welcomes Its Graduates Back

NC State Belltower

Belltower under cloudy skies.

Are you one of well over 400 graduates of OIED’s Equal Opportunity Institute (EOI)? If so, you might not be aware of a new opportunity for EOI graduates, which is to return to the program to take three or more new workshops under the “EOI Graduate Scholar” designation and be recognized once again at EOI Graduation.

The EOI, a year-long certificate program comprised of 10 or more two-hour diversity and equity workshops, has traditionally been extremely well-reviewed by its participants. In fact, word-of-mouth has filled this program to capacity in recent years. EOI continues to welcome new participants each September but now also welcomes back graduates to continue their diversity and equity training. If you wish to return to EOI, you can re-apply in any subsequent year after graduating. You can even return more than once!

New workshop offerings this year include The Crosswalk of Identity: Exploring Intersectionality in a Socio-Legal Context and Class Inequality and the Quest for Equal Opportunity, both taught by Equal Opportunity Officer and NC State Deputy Title IX Coordinator Jordyne Blaise. Please see the EOI website for a full listing of current workshop offerings.

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