Preston Keith

Oct 19, 2017

Student Coordinators Needed for Queer Youth Leadership Summit

Students looking for a resume-worthy spring volunteer opportunity can apply to be student coordinators for the first Queer Youth Leadership Summit, to be hosted by NC State's GLBT Center on February 17, 2018. Called QYLS (“quills”) for short, the summit will be a full day of workshops, panels, action planning, coalition building and advocacy work.

Aug 17, 2017

GLBT Symposium Welcomes New Students

The GLBT Center's fourth annual GLBT Symposium hosted over 170 participants on Saturday, August 12, 2017. This half-day event is held during move-in weekend as a way for incoming GLBT students to connect with one another, build community, learn about services and resources offered by the GLBT Center and find ways to get involved on campus.

Feb 2, 2017

GLBT Youth in the Juvenile Justice System

The GLBT Center will host a guest lecture on the experiences of GLBT youth within the juvenile justice system. This lecture will examine how race, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, sexual orientation and gender identity act as factors that increase the likelihood that youth will be funneled into the criminal justice system.

Jan 6, 2017

Project SAFE Workshop Kicks Off Spring 2017 Lineup – Sign Up Now

The lineup of GLBT Advocate Program workshops for the spring semester kicks off on Thursday, January 19, 2017 with a “Project SAFE” workshop. This year's offerings include both new and returning offerings to meet your educational needs. Choose one or all.

Sep 30, 2016

National Coming Out Day

October 11th marks National Coming Out Day, a day when we celebrate GLBT identity and acknowledge the experiences, obstacles and barriers that may be associated.

Sep 9, 2016

GLBT Advocate Program Debuts New Workshops

One of the signature initiatives of the GLBT Center is the GLBT Advocate Program, which launched last year and had over 100 participants in its inaugural year.

Sep 2, 2016

Preston Keith, GLBT Center Assistant Director

Preston Keith is originally from Charleston, South Carolina.