Come Together for Latinx Heritage Month

Latinx Heritage Month

Coming into the fall 2021 semester, much of the focus for Latinx Heritage Month has revolved around the idea of “homecoming.”  For many students across campus, this semester represents either a return to NC State or perhaps for many, their first arrival.  

With this in mind, our Latinx Heritage Month celebration this year revolves around the three themes of visibility, acknowledgment and unity. Visibility and acknowledgment ensure that the impact of the Latinx community at NC State is recognized for the values, insights and innovations it has brought over the years. Unity joins together the variety of cultures, ethnicities and identities that make up the Latinx community, with advocacy across all intersections.

To address these themes, Multicultural Student Affairs centers the voices of student organizations. A student planning committee has worked to create representation across all the different identities and organizations that represent the Latinx community at NC State.  The committee has played an essential role in not only program development, but also the accompanying outreach and creativity that accompany the program logistics.  

As we transition into Latinx Heritage Month, we bring you a variety of both large and intimate programs.  We look forward to the conversations, learning and fellowship of each of these programs and hope that Latinx Heritage Month will be a positive starting point for student engagement and support — as well as for the campus as a whole — this semester.


  • See the Multicultural Student Affairs website for details:

Gavin Bell is an assistant director in Multicultural Student Affairs.