Leslie Cochran Joins Multicultural Student Affairs

Leslie Cochran

Multicultural Student Affairs welcomes Leslie Cochran, who now serves as administrative support specialist as of May 2021. Cochran started working for NC State 9 years ago in the Physics Department, where she worked in support of faculty and students. She organized many of the events and conferences in Physics. One of her signature events was the annual Shrimp Boil which she is still organizing for them, as she is the cook of this enormous feast.

Cochran came to NC with more than 25 years of experience in the corporate world, the mortgage industry, the stock market and religious settings. She has a proven track record of senior-level executive support, management and training. She has a strong ability to streamline processes, maximize efficiency and foster professional relationships within organizations. Her philosophy centers around what role she can play in helping others find solutions. At NC State, Leslie has developed relationships with everyone who has crossed her path. She is committed to excellence in service.

She is not a native New Yorker, but she spent forty-plus years there before leaving to marry her best friend. Twelve years ago, they moved to Raleigh, NC. She misses the New York shopping experiences, theater, food and many things that are great about NYC. She gets to go back often to make up for lost time.

Cochran is a people person and gets along well with everyone she meets. One thing you will never guess is that she is also in ministry. She has a compassionate spirit and empathizes with others; however, she will also be up front, open and honest with you as well.

In her free time, she is always cooking up new recipes, serving in the community and plays virtual spades when she can’t get an in person game.