UNC System Convenes Racial Equity Task Force

Students walking in corridor

UNC System surveyThe University of North Carolina System has launched a system-wide task force to “examine the legacy of race and racism in North Carolina’s public higher education system” and its impact on students, faculty, staff and communities.

The task force began meeting in July 2020 and will conduct several information-gathering activities to report findings to the Board of Governors. The purpose of the effort is to build a culture of inclusion across all of the system’s institutions through an actionable path forward.

Focus areas include student recruitment, enrollment and outcomes; employee recruitment, retention and promotion; and supporting safe, diverse and inclusive campuses and communities.

A series of activities will enable the task force to gather suggestions and feedback, meet with constituent groups and prepare a report of recommendations and action steps in order of priority to present to the UNC System president by Dec. 16, 2020.

Racial Equity Task Force Survey

On Sep. 14, the task force will launch a short survey on race, equity, and disparities that exist across the UNC System. Students, faculty and staff members of all UNC institutions are encouraged to complete the survey.

The questionnaire will ask about your experiences and perceptions at your institution related to racial diversity, equity, and inclusion. The questionnaire will take about 15-20 minutes to complete.

You can access the survey using one of the links below:

Your participation in the questionnaire is completely voluntary. You have the option to complete the questionnaire or not and you can stop completing the questionnaire at any time if you so choose.

Virtual Town Hall Meetings

On Oct. 19–30, the task force will host a series of listening sessions with students, faculty and staff to engage constituents on issues of racial equity and provide members an opportunity to share their stories.

“Share Your Ideas” Feedback Form

Available now, students, faculty and community members of all institutions can submit feedback and suggestions via Share Your Ideas. All information will be reviewed and considered by the task force, who can also be reached at RacialEquity@northcarolina.edu.

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