Recognizing Excellence in Diversity Event Brings Community Together

Equal Opportunity Insitute 2019 Special Recognition Graduates

Two Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity year-end ceremonies merged into one large gala event for the first time this year, enabling the NC State community to celebrate many accomplishments in inclusive excellence at one time, in one place.

Joining the annual Chancellor’s Creating Community Awards in the Ballroom of Talley Student Union, the Equal Opportunity Institute recognized its 2019 graduates on April 23, 2019 with an awards breakfast. (See the related article in this issue for a complete list of Chancellor’s Creating Community Award nominees and recipients.)

Equal Opportunity Institute Graduation

The year-long Equal Opportunity Institute program continues to create agents of change on campus. In this signature program of the Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity, which fills to capacity each year, participants take ten or more workshops on diversity and equity topics and can return in subsequent years to take three additional workshops under the Graduate Scholar designation.

Beverly Jones Williams and Erin Morant address the graduates.
Beverly Jones Williams and Erin Morant

OIED Director of Outreach and Education Beverly Jones Williams addressed the graduates, congratulating them for being part of the Institute’s twentieth graduating class. Over 750 graduates have completed the program since its inception.

Williams stated, “This program continues to have even greater relevance in these times of misunderstanding, misinformation and miscommunication. It is important that we all gain insights into the experiences of others and learn how to create environments where everyone feels welcome and is treated well.”

Comments from Participants

Williams shared comments from participants’ program reflection journals, including:

“With the institute, I have noticed that I am much more skilled in having difficult conversations regarding equity and diversity. This is something that I have now been modeling for my staff members so they are able to do the same with the students we oversee with our work. I believe the skills gained in EOI have not only helped me but have been able to trickle down to my staff, which I am grateful for.”

“I can use the knowledge and awareness gained about various EOI topics to create a more inclusive environment in my office and for my students. As an academic adviser, I advise and interact with students from diverse backgrounds, with diverse life experiences and identities. It is my responsibility to recognize my personal biases, use appropriate language, use reasonable accommodations and advocate for students. All of the different trainings that I attended provided me with specific skills to do this.”

We congratulate all of this year’s Equal Opportunity Institute Graduates.

Equal Opportunity Institute 2019 Graduates

Equal Opportunity Institute 2019 Graduates
Equal Opportunity Institute 2019 Graduates

An asterisk indicates a current NC State student.

EOI Graduates

  • Jen Arthur
  • Lindsay Batchelor
  • Hayley Gallagher
  • Emily A. Gower
  • John O. Grimes
  • Tianna Harrison
  • Anna Hayes*
  • Anne Parker Hayworth
  • Timothy P. Healy
  • Brittany Hollis*
  • Christin James
  • Claudia Smith Kearney
  • Susannah Lawrence
  • Roderick Lewis
  • Monique Merriweather-Yarborough
  • Galina Meyle
  • Paige L. Moore*
  • Tamah C. Morant
  • Andrea Ramos-Lewis
  • Alexander Ricciuti*
  • Sydney Thompson
  • Mia Thompson
  • Michael Velez
  • Stephanie Weisfeld
  • Benita Wheeler

The following Special Recognition Graduates went beyond the required seven electives and took ten or more elective workshops in addition to the three required workshops.

EOI Special Recognition Graduates

  • Joyce Barron
  • Nikki Bell
  • Carolyn Bell
  • Patricia Butler
  • Jenny Champ
  • Sarah Danaher
  • Aletta Davis
  • Cindy Demello
  • Jenny Dixon
  • Fred Eaker
  • Brian Garsh
  • Latoya Giles
  • Bianca Glaze
  • Nichole Howe
  • Catherine Humbert-O’Kane
  • Rachel Kasten
  • Kyle Keith
  • Julia Kisner Law
  • Freha Legoas*
  • Emily Lockhart
  • Danae Love
  • Kimber Lunsford
  • Lisa M. Marshall
  • Devona Mazyck
  • Maura McCarthy
  • Kaylla McNeill
  • Leslie Ann M. Owen
  • Tanika Palmer
  • Julie Parenteau
  • Paige Patton
  • Carolyn Rauch*
  • Laurita Ray
  • Nicole Robelo
  • Sheila Saia
  • Kory M. Saunders
  • Annaka Sikkink*
  • Chanetta Smith
  • Rebekkah Speller
  • Crystal Tenan
  • U’Ronda E. Wheaton-Higgs
  • Ashleigh Renee Wright

Since 2012, the Equal Opportunity Institute has welcomed EOI graduates to return and take three additional elective workshops under the Graduate Scholar designation.

Equal Opportunity Insitute 2019 Graduate Scholars
Equal Opportunity Institute 2019 Graduate Scholars

Multi-Year EOI Graduate Scholars

  • Michelle Branch
  • Andy DeRoin
  • Jacqueline Gadison
  • Jamie Lynn Gilbert
  • Kimberly Holley
  • Dara Leeder
  • Lynn Locklear-Fisher
  • Lora Moyle
  • Thomas Peterson
  • Kim Priebe
  • Kaitlyn Runion
  • Elizabeth Snively
  • Tiffany A. Viator
  • Melusian Wright

First-Year EOI Graduate Scholars

  • Amanda Beller
  • Tracy E. Brown
  • Erin Cox
  • Donna Deaton
  • Reva Dunn
  • David Elrod
  • Sarah A. Fayard
  • Jennifer St. Jean
  • Brian Peters
  • Meggie Romick
  • Gabriella Sinkovic

Elizabeth Snively writes for the Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity.