Introducing: Feminist Theory Thursdays

Feminist Theory Thursdays

The Women’s Center presents Feminist Theory Thursdays, the newest extension of the Feminist Friday Collective. Feminist Theory Thursdays are staff- and faculty- facilitated conversations about how they utilize theory within their everyday practice by challenging dominant norms, working to dismantle systems that oppress and creating spaces in which NC State students can move authentically in and out of academia and their everyday experiences. Each discussion centers a feminist and/or critical theory and uses it to discuss social issues.

The first Feminist Theory Thursday on August 30, 2018 centered Audre Lorde’s “Uses of the Erotic” to talk about the commodifying and tokenizing nature of privileging diversity over inclusion within higher education institutions.

Dr. Jackie Bruce will facilitate the next session on September 13, 2018 on the topic of “Feminist Leadership/Women and Leadership.”

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Above the Collective

As Feminist Fridays are open to the entire campus community, the Feminist Friday Collective welcomes anyone who would like to participate in deep and critical dives into social issues. It is an open group of social justice advocates, allies, accomplices and warriors from varying disciplines who believe that social justice work is interdisciplinary and can be done in multidisciplinary ways. Since Feminist Fridays are student-facilitated conversations, Feminist Theory Thursdays emerged from the collective’s desire to see and hear how faculty and staff implement theory into their everyday practice and use it to break down silos within the social justice community at NC State. Theory Thursdays help us see how we can all affect social change toward justice and equity from various vantage points.

Angela Gay is assistant director of the Women’s Center.