“Embrace Your Voice” During Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Take Back the Night March 2018

Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) takes place every April and is part of a national initiative to raise awareness about sexual violence.

This year’s theme, “Embrace your Voice,” speaks to the importance of creating a culture that supports survivors of sexual violence. NC State aims to create a campus in which our students believe and support survivors, do not accept acts of violence and join efforts to create a safer campus and a safer world for all of us. Whether it’s calling out misogyny and sexism, engaging in conversations around rape culture and the normalization of violence, promoting healthy relationships and consent or learning how to intervene as a bystander to prevent sexual violence, there are a number of ways in which each of us can embrace our voices.

During this month, the Women’s Center will hold a number of events and training to help raise awareness about sexual violence and create a campus that supports survivors. Featured workshops include Supporting Survivors 101, Consent 101, Bystander 101, Interpersonal Violence in the GLBT Community and Supporting Male Survivors.

In addition, members of the NC State community can express themselves through art by designing a t-shirt for the Clothesline Project in any of the four Campus Community Centers throughout the month or by taking part in expressive art therapy and trauma-informed yoga.

The center will also host signature events such as the annual Take Back the Night rally and march and Denim Day, both of which provide opportunities for the NC State community to express their support for survivors of interpersonal violence.

Lastly, this year’s SAAM keynote address will be delivered by Pierre Berastain, a sexual assault survivor and national expert on interpersonal violence, who will speak about the intersection of culture, sexual assault and his current status as an undocumented DACA recipient.

  • For more information about this year’s events and how you can take part, please see the SAAM calendar.

Janine Kossen is associate director of the Women’s Center.