GLBT Advocate Program’s Lunch & Learn Series Gears Up for Spring Semester

GLBT Advocates Program

Fall 2017 saw the launch of the GLBT Advocate Program’s Lunch & Learn Series. Hosted monthly, this series of workshops provided faculty and staff with opportunities to engage in conversation and further develop their skills around implementing intersectional social justice strategies in the classroom. Over 75 participants examined instances of systemic and institutional oppression that create barriers to access, equity and inclusion. One of the goals of the programming series was to grow a culture of support and advocacy for marginalized communities among faculty and staff.

This semester’s Lunch & Learn topics will explore ways to utilize privilege to dismantle oppressive systems and advocate for marginalized communities, strategies to foreground intersectionality into work with students and how to engage in service opportunities without evoking the “White savior complex.” Each month, participants will engage in a facilitated discussion led by a faculty or staff member who is conducting research, providing resources or engaging in advocacy work focused on intersectional social justice. The GLBT Center will host the first Lunch & Learn of the semester, “Designing Social Justice Initiatives within Your College,” on January 24, 2018 in Talley Student Union, Room 3222 from 12:00-1:00 p.m.

Participation in the Lunch & Learn Series will fulfill the event requirement for participants in the Advocate Program. Requirements for the GLBT Advocate Program include participation in at least one workshop and one event hosted by the GLBT Center during the academic year. Upcoming Lunch & Learn workshops include, “Promoting Service without Evoking the ‘White Savior Complex’,” “Leveraging Your Privilege in Support of Marginalized Communities” and “Foregrounding Intersectionality in Your Work with Students.” Registration is not required to attend the GLBT Advocate Program: Lunch & Learn Series.

Preston Keith is the assistant director of the GLBT Center.