NC State Makes Two Diverse “Top 100” Lists

Multicultural Graduation 2017

Diverse Issues In EducationThe newest Diverse: Issues in Higher Education rankings, as reported on August 24, 2017, tabulate the top 100 institutions awarding bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees to African-American, Asian-American, Native American and Hispanic students across all disciplines.

Bachelor’s Degrees Conferred to Asian-Americans

According to results reported from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) collected by the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics, NC State ranks 98th nationwide in bachelor’s degrees conferred to Asian-Americans across all disciplines, with 344 total degrees conferred in the 2015-16 data set. Of the 344 total, 166 bachelor’s degrees were awarded to men and 132 to women. Asian-Americans earned 5% of the bachelor’s degrees conferred at NC State, a drop of 13% from 2014-15 but still significant enough to merit a Top 100 placement. Institutions in California, New York, Texas, Washington, Hawaii, Illinois and Maryland occupied the top ranks in the category. Neighboring institutions UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke ranked 69th and 82nd, respectively.

Master’s Degrees Conferred to Native Americans

NC State ranks 91st nationwide in master’s degrees conferred to Native Americans across all disciplines, with 7 degrees conferred in 2015-16. NC State awarded 5 of these master’s degrees to men and 2 to women, representing a 17% increase from 2014-15. Institutions in Arizona, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Virginia occupied the top ranks in this category along with UNC-Pembroke, which ranked 7th in the nation with 38 master’s degrees conferred to Native Americans, representing 16% of all master’s degrees conferred by UNC-Pembroke in 2016-17, 46% more than in 2014-15. UNC-Pembroke also ranked 7th nationally for Native American bachelor’s degrees, with 129 degrees conferred, representing 14% of all bachelor’s degrees at UNC-Pembroke in 2016-17.

Other North Carolina Mentions

While NC State did not rank this year in categories pertaining to African-American students, several North Carolina institutions placed in the top 100 for bachelor’s degrees awarded to African-American students, including UNC-Charlotte at 28th, UNC-Greensboro at 38th, East Carolina at 47th, as well as historically black colleges and universities (HBCU’s) North Carolina A&T at 8th, North Carolina Central at 22nd, Winston-Salem State at 45th and Fayetteville State at 69th. HBCU’s accounted for 15% of all bachelor’s degrees awarded to African-Americans nationally in 2015-16. Within HBCU’s, 82% of all degrees conferred were awarded to African-Americans.

For master’s degrees conferred to African-Americans, North Carolina institutions NC Central ranked 49th, North Carolina A&T ranked 51st and Strayer-North Carolina ranked 52nd

For the full rankings, including doctoral degrees and rankings nationwide based on total minorities for each degree level, see Diverse: Issues in Education Top 100 Degrees.

Past Mentions

NC State has appeared in several rankings published by Diverse: Issues in Higher Education for degrees awarded to minorities in specific disciplines; see NC State Rises in Minority STEM Rankings.