Women's Center Launches Sexual Assault Helpline

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In partnership with the Counseling Center, the Women’s Center has launched the Sexual Assault Helpline (919-515-4444), which replaces the former Relationship and Sexual Violence (RSVP) Line as NC State’s main crisis intervention phone line for students dealing with sexual or relationship violence and stalking.

How can this helpline assist survivors?

First and foremost, we hope that this line provides the emotional support that many survivors want following any form of interpersonal violence. The exciting thing about this new line though, is that it can also connect survivors to trained victim’s advocates who are familiar with reporting and resource options specific to NC State and the local Raleigh community. Survivors can also request accompaniment to places such as NC State Police, The Solace Center at Interact and Student Conduct. We hope that making these connections and offering accompaniment can break down some of the barriers (both social and institutional) that many survivors face.

Why the switch from the old phone line?

Partners, student staff and volunteers revamped marketing strategies and created a plan that will hopefully increase the campus visibility of this line. Sexual Assault Helpline window clings and magnets have been added to bathroom mirrors and residence halls across campus. A billboard slide is now available for the campus community to use; we encourage billboard administrators to select it for their screens. In addition, promotions should start this week on the Wolf Line bus system as well. If you would like a cling or magnet for your office, please call the NC State Women’s Center at 919-515-2012.

Does this phone line serve survivors of relationship violence, too?

Yes! The Sexual Assault Helpline is a resource for survivors of all forms of Interpersonal Violence on campus. On-call advocates are able to handle issues such as stalking, relationship violence and sexual assault.

Is this phone line confidential?

Not 100%. The folks answering the phone line during the day (8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.) are Women’s Center professional staff members. Like many staff members, we are “Responsible Employees” and “Campus Security Authorities.” Simply put, we are legally obligated to file a Clery Report with NC State Police and Student Conduct depending on the circumstance of the incident.

Sara Forcella is rape prevention and education coordinator in the Women’s Center.