Miriam Roochvarg Makes an Impact Through Service

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Students walk to class in front of Withers and Daniels Hall. PHOTO BY ROGER WINSTEAD

Miriam RoochvargMiriam Roochvarg, a second-year Communication major with a concentration in Public Relations, is from Charlotte, NC. Find out about her part in NC State’s rich tapestry of diverse individuals.

What activities and positions have you been in at NC State?

Last year I was in Campus Pals, served as religious and culture chair for Hillel, the Jewish group on campus, and helped develop the Interbelief Initiative. This year, I am a Career Development Center ambassador, religious and culture chair for Hillel, member of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) Chapter here at NC State, co-director of The Pack, which is the Student PR firm that PRSSA runs, and I am on the programming board for the Interbelief Initiative and Better Together. I completed a CSLEPS Alternative Service Break in Charleston, South Carolina this past spring break and had a great time there as well.

What have been some of your most impactful experiences while a student here?

Some of my most impactful experiences at NC State have been the opportunities that I have had to help others. I love helping students feel empowered and career-ready, whether it’s helping them write a resume, running a mock job interview or giving job-related presentations as a career ambassador. Creating programs so that students of all different backgrounds can talk about their religion or world views and learn about others while feeling safe doing so is very heartwarming for me. People on campus want to have these conversations but worry about doing so because of how taboo or overdone they seem, but I like changing that ideology. Any time I can make others feel more comfortable and successful as NC State students but also as people, I am extremely happy, because I know I am making an impact.

Why do you feel a diverse student body is important at NC State?

With diversity there is inclusion. What separates NC State from other colleges is our level of diversity. There are people here with many different backgrounds and beliefs, and with that comes the opportunity to learn and grow as a person. It’s amazing how many opportunities we have to learn about people different from us in a safe and open environment. This opportunity may never come up in our lives again, so it’s important that we continue to foster this safe, open and diverse environment at NC State and work to make it even better for more people on campus.

Do you have any words of advice for younger students? 

Take advantage of the opportunities you have here every year. Don’t wait to get involved or get career-ready until junior or senior year. Get involved in activities that fulfill your passions, and get involved in activities that can help you career-wise as well. If there isn’t a club or organization here that interests you, start one. Start random conversations with people. Start deep conversations with people (friends or strangers), because you never know when a conversation can have an impact on you or someone else.