Caneatra Wilson, Diversity & Inclusion Intern

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Students walk to class in front of Withers and Daniels Hall. PHOTO BY ROGER WINSTEAD

Caneatra WilsonCaneatra Wilson is a senior majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing, from Grifton, North Carolina. She is also a student intern in the Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity (OIED).

How long have you worked in OIED and why did you decide to work in OIED?

I’ve been employed with OIED since February of 2014. I chose to work with OIED because I love their efforts of promoting diversity throughout the campus through their various units and events.

What are some of the things you have worked on while in OIED?

I promote and support the “Connect with NC State” program, which encourages faculty and staff members to get involved on campus, whether it’s visiting a different part of campus or attending a variety of events held on- or off-campus. I have also created and directed an informational commercial promoting the Building Future Faculty program, which is a three-day seminar held on campus each year for underrepresented potential faculty members from across the country and provides networking opportunities for those who attend.

What is your favorite thing about working in OIED?

My favorite thing about working in OIED is its non-stop effort to educate those unaware of different issues regarding race, gender or social status.

Why do you feel the work of OIED is necessary at NC State?

I feel the work that OIED does is necessary for NC State because it brings current events and issues to the forefront of campus and gives students who would otherwise think their voice is unheard of a platform to express themselves.

Associate Director of Diversity Programs Garry Morgan adds, “During her time working with OIED, Caneatra has worked on a promotional video for the building future faculty program. This video was utilized for the 2016 promotional campaign. It was wonderful to see her utilize her marketing expertise during her work-study. On this project, Caneatra had full creative control. She managed the project and collaborated with all the necessary partners to deliver a top-notch promotional piece.”