Meet John Miller IV

Campus in fall with foliage

Students walk to class in front of Withers and Daniels Hall. PHOTO BY ROGER WINSTEAD

John Miller IVYou might think that John Miller has an “IV” after his name because there are four of him. But seriously, he is known for not just consistently attending a lot of extracurricular programs but taking a major role in many of them. While most students need to be encouraged to participate, John is a model of how to get involved and make a difference.

What are your year and major?

I am a Master’s student in the Higher Education Administration program and a spring 2015 graduate in Psychology.

What is your current position?

I am the graduate assistant for the Division of Academic and Student Affairs.

What have been some of your diversity activities while at NC State?

As an undergraduate, I was the 2014-2015 president of AYA Ambassadors, presenter in the Leaders Under Construction conference, dancer in Panoramic Dance Project, programming intern for the African American Cultural Center and chair for the Blacks in Wax committee.

As a graduate student, I am a facilitator in NC State’s National Coalition Building Institute, co-adviser for Queer People of Color (QPOC), advisor of inclusion for Beta Theta Pi, graduate scholar in the Equal Opportunity Institute, Project SAFE ally and a member of the GLBT Center’s Advocate Program.

Why do you feel diversity programs and initiatives are important at NC State?

I am amazed at the opportunities that the university provides for all members of the NC State community to challenge inequities and celebrate difference, if they choose to engage with them. The NC State community has students, faculty and staff that have a rich diversity of backgrounds, identities and contributions that make NC State a great place to be. Unfortunately, we live in society that does not always value the lives and contributions of diverse people and sets barriers in the way of their success. I feel like the diversity programs and initiatives that are offered at the university are NC State’s way of trying to change that. The initiatives and programs facilitate ways to challenge your perspective of how the world works, engage with people who have a variety of differing viewpoints and equip you with tools to start building a more inclusive environment for everyone.