End Interpersonal Violence in the Wolfpack!

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There has been much encouraging and engaging dialogue recently around sexual assault on college campuses. The NC State Women’s Center has a long history of advocacy and education efforts and is committed to help build a campus culture intolerant of interpersonal violence, rape, and sexual assault. Did you know that the NC State Women’s Center has almost 400 volunteers, 10 paid peer educators, and a robust training program aimed at helping get out the word about interpersonal violence-related education and resources on our campus? We invite you to learn more about our advocacy resources including confidential crisis intervention, emotional support, and referrals to students affected by sexual assault, dating/domestic violence and stalking. We provide information about academic, legal, medical, emotional, and student conduct resources. We also offer support to secondary survivors, such as intimate partners, friends, family.

In addition to advocacy, the NC State Women’s Center sponsors and co-sponsors a number of public education campaigns. While we serve as a resource, we need EVERYONE to connect with our faculty, staff, and students. We hope you will join us in an often-difficult but much needed discussion about how to create a campus culture where all feel safe from interpersonal violence and survivors get the help they need. See the full Diversity Digest article for dates of spring events where YOU can act to end interpersonal violence!