Frequently asked questions about the Summit

Who attended the Summit?

Participants included undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, staff, deans, Chancellor’s Cabinet, members of the University Strategic Planning Executive Team, community members and alumni. Overall, there were about 65-70 participants, plus 15 facilitators who were all NC State employees.


Is it too late to get involved?

Although the Summit has already taken place, stay engaged with this effort by visiting this website. We will post the questions that the participants worked on, and you can answer and submit them, too. The Summit website is also where updates and next steps will be announced.


What are the next steps after the Summit? How can I participate in future Summits?

If you are interested in participating in a future Summit, look for developing opportunities in the coming months. The facilitators, guiding coalition and steering teams will meet to develop action items from this Summit and determine next steps/timeline for future discussions and/or Summits.


Will I be able to watch the Summit later?

Selected video from the summit will be produced into a summary that will be shared with campus. Continue to watch for updates on NC State’s Diversity portal.


 How else can I stay involved?

We strongly encourage your participation in the upcoming Please visit NC State’s Diversity portal for current events and subscribe to the Diversity Digest, the email newsletter of the Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity.


How were participants selected for the Summit?

Due to the conversational and progressive nature of the Summit format and limitations due to the virtual format, participation was limited. Intentional efforts were made to ensure constituent groups across the university were represented.