Responsible Employee FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions for Responsible Employees

The Equal Opportunity and Equity (EOE) unit has answered some of the most frequently asked questions by Responsible Employees. Information about who are Responsible Employees, what information is required to be reported, and mandatory training can be found below. Any additional questions should be submitted to the EOE unit via email at

A responsible employee includes any employee who has been given the duty of reporting incidents of sexual harassment or any other misconduct, to the Title IX coordinator or other appropriate school designee. A complete list of responsible employees can be found here.

The Responsible Employee list is updated annually before the beginning of the Fall semester. All colleges/divisions are asked to update their respective lists during that time.

Step 1. College/division leadership should review the “Who Are Responsible Employees?” section on the Designated Officials and Responsible Employee page to assist with identifying all Responsible Employees within the college/division.

Step 2. College/division leadership will need to download the Responsible Employee update template.

Step 3. Once the leadership has identified who is or is not considered a Responsible Employee, the college/division leadership should gather the names, email addresses, departments and employee ID numbers of all Responsible Employees and complete the update template. It should be noted that any individuals who are no longer considered responsible employees should be removed.

Step 4. Once the list has been updated by the department, email the updated list to the Equal Opportunity and Equity unit at The Equal Opportunity and Equity unit will update the Responsible Employee list within one week.

The term “Responsible Employee” was used previously in federal guidance regarding Title IX. Instead of doing away with the term “Responsible Employee” and their roles when regulations were updated in May 2020, NC State chose to continue to use the term to identify employees who have the duty to report incidents in order to assist in ensuring that we are helping to stop alleged behavior, prevent its recurrence, and to remedy the effects of the alleged behavior.

All incidents of potential sex harassment that is reported or shared with you or that you have been made aware of. All incidents should be reported to the Title IX coordinator or one of the Title IX designated officials. More information about reporting can be found on the Equal Opportunity and Equity unit’s reporting page.

Examples of sexual harassment include: Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, sexual exploitation, other verbal, non-verbal, or physical harassment of a sexual nature, quid pro quo harassment, hostile environment, sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking. Specific definitions can be found in the NCSU POL 04.25.05 – Equal Opportunity, Non-Discrimination, and Affirmative Action Policy and NCSU POL 04.25.07 – Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy.

The Equal Opportunity and Equity (EOE) unit will contact the impacted party within 1-2 business days to discuss the nature of the report, available resources, and options for moving forward. The EOE may reach out to the reporter for additional information if necessary, but is not normally required. Learn more about how to File a Report.

As a responsible employee, you must report the incident to the Title IX coordinator or a Title IX Designated Official. Reports must be made within 24 hours or as soon as possible after the information is shared with the Responsible Employee. Failure to file a report in a timely manner can cause additional harm to the involved parties and subject the University to additional legal liability. The Responsible Employee Guidelines has additional information and resources.

You are required to report all relevant information shared with you including: the name(s) of the individual reported to have experienced sexual harassment, the name(s) of the individual who is reported to have committed the prohibited conduct, names of any witnesses or additional involved parties, date, time, location of the incident, and a narrative of the alleged harassment.

Before an individual discloses an incident of sexual harassment to you, inform them of your designation as a Responsible Employee and that you are required by the university to report all incidents of sexual harassment to the Title IX coordinator. The Resources and Reporting: Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct and Interpersonal Violence brochure has information on confidential resources as well as additional University and off-campus support resources.

Responsible employees are required to provide their name and contact information when filing a report. The Equal Opportunity and Equity unit may need to follow up with the Responsible Employee for additional information.

It is not up to the responsible employee to determine if the incident falls under prohibited conduct. This determination will be made by the Title IX coordinator. This includes even if you heard the information second-hand, you are still required to report what you heard but you are not required to ask for additional or follow-up information nor should you attempt to investigate the information.

Yes, even if the individual did not disclose in complete detail the incident(s) that occurred, you are still required to report the information that you do possess.

Yes, it is better for the Title IX coordinator to receive the information from several sources than to have those sources have the information but think that someone else already filed the report. The Title IX coordinator will be able to review and combine multiple notifications about the same incident.

If you have questions or concerns about where to report, you are encouraged to contact the Equal Opportunity and Equity unit during normal business hours at 919.513.0574 or by email at Additional information about the reporting offices can be found on the Equal Opportunity and Equity (EOE) unit’s Resources for Reporting concerns website. The EOE works with other reporting units across campus including the Violence Prevention and Threat Management Program, Bias Impact Response Team, and CARES.  EOE meets with these other teams weekly and shares information on a need-to-know basis in order to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our faculty, staff, and students while addressing concerns in a timely manner.

After you file a report an investigator may reach out for some follow up questions after you file the report.  However, unless you are directly involved in the reported incident, you will more than likely not be informed of the status or outcome of the incident reported.  Federal and state laws regarding confidentiality and privacy prevent disclosure of information.

Individuals who are designated as responsible employees must take a training within the first six months of their employment and then annually. Individuals are registered annually through REPORTER based on their designation as a responsible employee, this training is required as a part of REG 04.25.06 – Equal Opportunity, Title IX and Non-Discrimination Training for Employees. Questions regarding the course, enrollment, or completion should be directed to

North Carolina State University (NC State) is dedicated to equality of opportunity and is committed to fostering an environment free from discrimination, harassment and retaliation based upon a person’s age (40 or older), color, disability, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, race, religion, sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation or veteran status. In support of these goals, individuals who are “responsible employees” must complete the training that covers the university’s Title IX obligations to prevent and address incidents of sexual assault within the university community.

The list of completions is updated every Monday morning. If your completion does not appear in REPORTER after two weeks of completing the training, please email a copy of your completion certificate to and ask that they update your status.

If you have been designated as a Responsible Employee but do not have access to complete the training for the current academic year, please email your 1) full name, 2) email address, 3) employee ID number, and 4) Unity ID to The EOE unit will then upload your information to the training vendor and you should have access to the training within 1-2 business days.