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Recruitment and Hiring

Recruitment and hiring of faculty and staff are critical activities at NC State.

Candidates selected for hire form the foundation and the future of our university. Every job on campus contributes to creating and maintaining an environment in which students and employees feel welcome to live, learn and work. Our success in maintaining an inclusive balance directly impacts our ability to retain the best students, faculty and staff.

Have a question about hiring practices? Equal Opportunity and Equity answers questions and provides search committee orientations designed to assist you.


Search committees at NC State have the important responsibility of hiring talented individuals to join the university community. Search committee training is a tool for NC State faculty, staff and students who are members or chairs of a search committee.

Equal Opportunity and Equity offers in-person and online training options. Either option enables NC State participants to learn more about how to conduct an equitable and inclusive hiring process. Participants who are active in the recruitment process should plan to take the online module once per year and attend an in-person training session once every three years. Registration for both training opportunities is available in the Reporter system.

If you have questions about the hiring process or about how to register for a training opportunity, please contact Equal Opportunity and Equity at equalopportunity@ncsu.edu or 919.513.0574.


Use the resources below to help guide you through a successful search process.